Neoi Epivates

Neoi Epivates (Greek: Νέοι Επιβάτες) is a small suburban town outside Thessaloniki, next to Peraia. It is part of the municipality of Thermaikos in the Thessaloniki regional unit.[1] The origin of the settlement was the arrival of 631 refugees from the town Epivates in Eastern Thrace as a result of the Greco-Turkish War (1919–22).

It was formerly known in Turkish as Bahçe Çiflik (Greek: Μπαξέ Τσιφλίκι),[citation needed] mentioned also in a popular song of Vassilis Tsitsanis.


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Coordinates: 40°30′04″N 22°54′32″E / 40.501°N 22.909°E / 40.501; 22.909