Nelson Miller

Nelson Miller (12 November 1954 – 30 June 2019) was a Jamaican drummer and record producer. Miller was born and raised in Port Antonio.[1] Influenced by Lloyd Knibb, Carlton "Santa" Davis, and Mikey "Boo" Richards, he began playing in bands in Port Antonio as a teenager.[2]

Nelson Miller at SR Music Studio, Kingston, Jamaica

He has played on and produced many Burning Spear albums since the late 1970s, including the Grammy Award nominated Resistance.[3][4] He also led the band The Two Ton Machine, releasing the album Chinatown in 1985.[5]

He later recorded with Clinton Fearon of The Gladiators,[6] and in the Solid Foundation Band, working with Prezident Brown.[citation needed]

Miller unexpectedly took ill the morning of 30 June 2019 and was taken to the hospital. He died later that evening. Actual cause of death remains unknown.[citation needed]


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