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Coordinates: 40°41′23″N 73°51′48″W / 40.689814°N 73.863360°W / 40.689814; -73.863360

Neir's Tavern
Silhouette of a jockey on a horse with the word Neir's superimposed
Photo of some men in 19th century garb in front of a bar
Neir's (then The Old Abbey) in the 19th century
Map of New York City with red dot showing location of Neir's Tavern
Map of New York City with red dot showing location of Neir's Tavern
Location of Neir's Tavern in New York City
Restaurant information
SloganThe most famous bar you've never heard of
Current owner(s)David Eng, Alex Ewen, Loycent Gordon
Food typePub, American steakhouse
Dress codeCasual
Street address87-48 78th Street
CityNew York City
StateNew York
Postal/ZIP Code11421
Coordinates40°41′23″N 73°51′48″W / 40.689814°N 73.863360°W / 40.689814; -73.863360

Neir's Tavern is a neighborhood bar (pub) in the Woodhaven section of the Queens borough of New York City.

Union Race course detail

The bar was founded in 1829[1][2] and, according to the current owners, is one of the oldest bars in the country, having been in nearly continuous operation since 1829 (except during Prohibition), under various names such as Blue Pump Room, Old Abbey, Neir’s Social Hall, and Union Course Tavern. The bar was founded near the Union Course racetrack (extant 1821–1888) and hosted many track patrons during the track's existence.[3] The establishment was owned by the Neir family from 1898 to 1967, after which it went into decline and closed in 2009.[4]

New owners bought the bar and a major refurbishment followed, including restoration of the 150-year-old mahogany bar and the installation of a kitchen[3] serving a small selection of dinner entrees as well as pub fare,[5] and the establishment re-opened in 2010.[4] According to the Queens Chronicle, the restored mahogany bar was originally installed "when Ulysses S. Grant was in the White House."[6]

Historical marker 2019
Neir's Tavern 2019
(Mae West tribute)alcove 2019

Scenes from the film Goodfellas were shot in the bar, as were scenes from Tower Heist.[1] According to some sources, Mae West made her first professional appearances here,[2] although other sources dispute this as unconfirmed legend.[7] Neir's Tavern itself avers the Mae West connection[3] and offers a hamburger dish called "Mae West".[5]


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