Neethibathi (lit. 'Judge') is a 1983 Indian Tamil film, directed by Krishnamoorthy and produced by Suresh Balaji. The film stars Sivaji Ganesan, K. R. Vijaya, Prabhu and V. K. Ramasamy in lead roles. The film had musical score by Gangai Amaran. The film was a remake of Telugu film Justice Chowdary.[2]

Neethibathi 1983.jpg
Directed byR. Krishnamoorthy
Produced bySuresh Balaji
Story bySatyanand
Music byGangai Amaran
Suresh Arts
Release date
  • 26 January 1983 (1983-01-26)


Rajasekar is a talented prosecutor with a loving wife Radha (K. R. Vijaya), police inspector son Shankar (Natarajan Ramji) and mute daughter Geetha (Menaka). Sattanathan (V. K. Ramasamy) is a defense attorney and a bitter professional rival to Rajasekar. He offers advice and guidance to Kalidas (R. N. Sudarshan), the leader of diamond smuggling gang. Rajasekar earlier successfully argued for Ranjith (R. N. Sudarshan) to be hanged for his crimes. Kalidas has his own ax to grind with Rajasekar as Ranjith was his twin brother. Rajasekar is appointed as a judge bypassing Sattanathan. As judge, he sentences Kalidas' other brother Jagan to life imprisonment. This propels Sattanathan and Kalidas to plan to bring Rajasekar down.

Thyagu (Prabhu) is a mechanic and car racer that is determined to build a large house for his imprisoned mother Janaki (Sujatha). Janaki was a single mother that took the blame for a murder Thyagu committed as a child trying to protect her. Thyagu begins to work for Kalidas driving getaway vehicles. He also falls in love with Devi (Raadhika), Sattanathan's daughter. When Devi learns of Thyagu's work, she convinces him to turn a new leaf and give up crime. Just as he's ready to walk away from crime, he learns that his father and the man he believes abandoned Janaki is Rajasekar. Enraged, he teams up with Kalidas and Sattanathan to destroy Rajasekar. They conspire to make Geetha's husband abandon her and have Shankar arrested on false charges. Janaki is released from prison and Rajasekar also learns the truth about those conspiring against him. He must now uncover some deeply buried truths about his family and outsmart those against him.



Soundtrack was composed by Gangai Amaran.[3]


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