Neerwinden is a village in Belgium in the province of Flemish Brabant, a few miles southeast of Tienen, and is now part of the municipality of Landen.

The Church of the Holy Cross (Heilig Kruiskerk) in Neerwinden

The village gave its name to two great battles, the first fought in 1693 between the Anglo-Allied army under William III of England and the French under the duke of Luxemburg, ending in a French victory. (This battle, during the War of the Grand Alliance, is usually called the Battle of Landen.) The second battle took place in 1793 between the Austrians under Prince Josias of Coburg and the French under General Dumouriez and ended in an Austrian victory.

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Coordinates: 50°45′57″N 5°02′18″E / 50.76583°N 5.03833°E / 50.76583; 5.03833