Nazih Abu Afach

Nazih Abu Afach (Arabic: نزيه أبو عفش) (born 1946) is a Syrian poet and painter.[1][2] He was born in western Syria, in the village of Marmarita 60 km from Homs. His first book of poetry came out in 1967, and since then he has published a dozen more collections. He works as an editor for the monthly magazine Al-Mada. His work has appeared in English translation in Banipal magazine.

Selected worksEdit

  • Al-Wajhu Allathi Laa Yaghriibu (The Face Which Does Not Fade), Homs, 1967
  • ‘An Al-Khawfi Wa Al-Tamaathiili (On Fear and Statues), Damascus, 1970
  • Hiwaariyat Al-Mawti Wa Al-Nakhiili (Talk of Death and the Palm Tree), Damascus, 1971
  • Wishaa’un Min Al-‘Ashbi Li-Umahaati Al-Qatlaa (Blades of Grass for the Mothers of the Killed), Beirut, 1975
  • Ayahaa Al-Zamanu Al-Dayyiqu – Ayatuhaa Al-Ardu Al-Waasi’au (Oh Narrow Time, Oh Vast Earth), Damascus, 1978
  • Allahu Qariibun Min Qalbi (God Is Near My Heart), Beirut, 1980
  • Allaah Yabkii (God Cries), Al-Mada Publishing House, Damascus, 2001
  • ‘Ahal At-Taabuut (People of the Coffin), Al-Mada Publishing House, Damascus, 2001
  • Indjiil Al-‘A’maa (The Bible of the Blind), Dar Al-Adab, Beirut, 2003
  • Al-Dhikrah Al-‘Anaaṣir (Memory of the Elements), Al-Mada Publishing House, Damascus, 2005
  • Ar-Raa’ii Al-Hamadjii (The Barbaric Shepherd), 2011