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Navsari is an administrative district in the state of Gujarat in India, with its headquarters at Navsari city. The district covers an area of 2,211 square kilometres roughly equal to country like Luxembourg and the US state of Delaware, and had a population of 1,329,672 in 2011 roughly equal to country like Estonia and the US state of Hawaii.[1] The district was formed in 1997 after Valsad district was bifurcated into Valsad and Navsari districts.[2]

Navsari district
Location of district in Gujarat
Location of district in Gujarat
Country India
Collector & DMShri Dr. M. D. Modiya IAS
 • Total2,211 km2 (854 sq mi)
Area rank31st in Gujarat
 (2011 census)
 • Total1,329,672
 • Rank22nd in Gujarat and 366th in India
 • Density602/km2 (1,560/sq mi)
 • OfficialGujarati, Hindi, English
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Pin code
396 445
Vehicle registrationGJ-21
Literacy84.78 % census of 2011
Lok Sabha constituenciesNavsari
Valsad for vansda region
Vidhan Sabha constituenciesNavsari

69.23% of the district's population is rural, and 48.1% of its population is scheduled tribes.[1]

Dudhia Talao: Dudhia Talao had been a lake. It has become a major market area with a shopping center. There is a reputed eye hospital near Dudhia Talao built in the early 1970s. The Ashapuri Temple is on Dudhia Talao. Part of the Dudhia Talao was given to J.N. Tata Navsari Memorial Trust and they filled up the pond and built one of the finest auditoriums in Navsari where performing arts and meetings take place. It is known as J.N. Tata Memorial Hall.

Navsari has a large Parsi-Zoroastrian community. Dr. Dadabhoy Navroji & Mr. Jamsetji Tata, founder of the Tata group of companies, were born here. J. N. Tata's birthplace is still preserved as a memorial by the local branch of Tata Steel Factory in the outskirts of the city.

Sayaji Vaibhav Public Library is an important public building in Navsari. Meherji Rana Library of Tarota Bazaar, Motafalia, Navsari has one of the oldest scriptures of Zoroastrian community.

The city picked up a greater pace commercially during the diamond polishing business soared in the region.

Jehangir Talkies is one of the oldest cinema house. The name talkies implies that it refers to the era when movies started talking.

Tower is a clock tower in Navsari. It serves as important landmark. The old post office of Navsari was near the Tower. Navsari's postal code is 396445.



YearPop.±% p.a.

According to the 2011 census Navsari district has a population of 1,330,711,[4] roughly equal to the nation of Estonia[5] or the US state of Maine and Hawaii.[6] with 678,165 (51%) being Male and 651,507 (49%) being Female. This gives it a ranking of 366th in India (out of a total of 640).[4] 49% of the whole population in Navsari District are belong to general caste, 3% are from schedule caste and 48% are schedule tribes. Child (aged under 6 years) population of Navsari district is just 9.73%, lowest in Gujarat, among them 52% are boys and 48% are girls with 9.62% of total rural Population and 9.99% of total urban Population is child. There are about 295,131 households in the district and an average 5 persons live in every family. Jalalpore being least populated region with 228065 People, Rank 86th least Populated Taluka in Gujarat and Navsari taluka being most populated with 311,238 people, Ranking 39th most populated taluka of Gujarat and Chikhli, Gandevi and Vansada with 309,877, 249,264 and 231,228 people with 40th, 66th and 79th most populus sub-district (taluka) of Gujarat. The district has a population density of 602 inhabitants per square kilometre (1,560/sq mi).[4] 3,519,890

Navsari's population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 8.24% lowest Population growth rate in Gujarat (with 7.86% in boys and 8.63% in girls), less than half growth rate (19.17% total population growth) of Gujarat in 1st decade of the 21st century, while the neighboring district, Surat has highest Population growth with 42.19% in 2001- 2011. Out of (total 7,494,176) 4,676,249 total rural child Population and 2,817,927 total urban child population of Gujarat, Navsari has 1.9% share (88,677) rural child population (Ranked 5th) and 1.45% (40,853) urban child population (Ranked 6th). Navsari Population growth mainly serge in Urban area with 21.63% (with 21.49% in boys and 21.79% in girls) and rural area with 3.19% (with 2.58% in boys and 3.82% in girls) in 2001 to 2011.[4] and Navsari is being one of the lowest interns of population growth of males (which seems improving) and little increase in female population growth compare to other district in Gujarat and India but it ranked well in sex ratio. Furthermore, Navsari has lowest proportion of people in Gujarat with just only 2.2% of population of Gujarat. With 135,170 and 10.17% of total population of Navsari being child between 0-6 age and 70,298 and 10.37% being boy and 64,872 and 9.96% being girl child and among total child population of 129,530 and 88,677 born in rural area and 40,853 born in urban area with 12.09% decrements in total child population, with 19.84% decrements in rural area, while in urban area it has been increased by 5.68%. Navsari has witness sharp decrements in rural Population with Male decremented at 20.34% rate (Ranked 5th) like Surat (28.41), Jungadh (23.79), Gandhinagar (24.67), Bharuch district (21.98) and female decremented at the rate of 19.3% (5th lowest like males) and in urban area with 5.47% (Ranked 11th from decrements) increment of males and 5.92% (Ranked 17th) increment of females.

The Navsari District's majority of the population, nearly 69% (about 920,535) live rural part of Navsari District and 31% (about 4,09,137) population live in the urban part of Navsari District. Rural population density of Navsari district is 424 and urban population density is 5,624 persons per sqkm. Navsari is 13th most urbanized District in Gujarat as per 2011 and it had urbanized at the rate of 3.38% (increase in urban Population), higher than national average 3.35% increase, but lower increment rate than Gujarat (5.22%) in urbanization.

Navsari ranked highest urban population with 64.7% population (~201,371 people) with 70,162 household out of 311,238 People, lives in urban area, higher than Gujarat state with 44.7% urban Population and in Navsari taluka, 35.3% People live in rural area, among them 51.4% is males and 48.6 is females.

Navsari has a sex ratio of 961 females for every 1000 males, 5th highest in Gujarat state after Dang, Tapi, Dahod, Amreli and ranks 234th in India among 640 district in 2011. It ranks 4th in Rural Navsari with 982 females per 1000 males with increment of 12 females in between 2001 and 2011 behind Tapi, Dang and Dahod District but ranked low (15th) in Uraban Navsari with 917 females with increment of 2 femles And it have child sex ratio of 923 girls per 1000 boys. In terms of Taluka (tehsil) Vansda (Bansda) has highest sex ratio in Navsari District with 1001 females per 1000 males and 8th highest among 251 Taluka of Gujarat. Chikhali, Gandevi and Navsari with 980, 970 and 944 sex ratio while Jalalpore Tehsil (Taluka) has the lowest sex ratio in Navsari District with just 909 female per 1000 males [1] [2].[4] Navsari have Child sex ratio of 921 girls per 1000 boys (7th in Gujarat after Dang, Tapi, Dahod, Narmada, Valsad and Panchmahal), In Rural Area it Ranked 3rd (after Dang and Tapi) with 945 girls and just 872 in urban Area (13th) among child.

Navsari District has a literacy rate of 84.78% (with just 8.94% change in literacy level, Ranking 20th fastest out of 33 compare from 75.83% in 2001) almost similar to Vanuatu almost similar to worlds average literacy with 1,001,909 literate of which in Navsari has 539,472 male literate with 90.06% (7th highest male literacy after Kheda, Anand, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Mehsana and Surat) literacy with 7.29% change (14th highest among 33 district) compare to 2001 and 462,438 female literate with 79.30% (3rd highest female literacy after Ahmadabad and surat) literacy with 10.69% change (21st highest among 33 district) compare to 2001 and Navsari rank 89th in India out of 640 district and ranking 5th highest after Surat, Ahmadabad, Anand and Gandhinagar and 19th highest in Western India. Navsari district has urban literacy of 89.8% with 4th Rank (getting ahead of Narmada and Bharuch but defeated by Anand due to sharp increase 8.03% in Anand compared to 4.73% in Navsari) after Valsad (92.92%), Vadodra (91.49%) and Anand district (90.16%) with 93.85% (7th highest getting ahead of Narmada, Panchmahal and Bharuch but defeated by Anand due to sharp increase 5.31% in Anand compared to 3.65% in Navsari after Valsad, Vadodara, Anand, Mehsana, Gandhinagar and Dang) in urban males and 85.41% (3rd highest getting ahead of Bharuch and Narmada after Vadodra and Valsad) urban females, it has been also Ranked 4th (getting ahead of Mehsana, but defeated by Kheda due to sharp increase 14% in Kheda, compare to 10% in Navsari) in Rural literacy Rate in Gujarat with 82.55% after Anand (83.85%), Gandhinagar (83.15%) and Kheda (83.14%) with 88.33% (5th getting ahead of Bharuch after Kheda, Gandhinagar, Anand, Mehsana) in rural males and 76.69% highest Rural female literacy in Gujarat. Among all city, Navsari city has literacy rate of 88.36%, where male and female literacy was 92.04% and 84.44%.[4]

In Navsari District, Gandevi Taluka (tehsil) is Ranked 1st in Gujarat Per literacy rate out of 251 taluka (tehsil) in Gujarat with 90% literacy and Jalalpore Taluka having 3rd highest literacy rate with 89% literacy after Gandevi and Vadadra taluka (Tehsil). Thus Navsari has Two Tehsil which has Ranked above major city and Taluka in Gujarat like Ahmadabad, Surat, Rajkot, Valsad and ranked in top ten Taluka (Tehsil) or Sub- District in Gujarat. Furthermore, Navsari and Chikhli taluka has literacy rate of 86 and 82% with 17th and 41st rank in Gujarat. The only Tehsil which has lower literacy than 80% and less than literacy level of Gujarat is Vansda Tehsil with 72% literacy rate with 146th rank out of 251 in Gujarat, which lack in educational Development in Navsari.

In 2011, total 991 families live on footpath or without any roof cover in Navsari district of Gujarat. Total Population of all who lived without roof at the time of Census 2011 numbers to 3,302. This approx 0.25% of total population of Navsari district.

In Navasari District out of total population, 1,225,087 are being adherent of Hindu religion being major religion with almost 92.13% being Hindu out of total population. The other minority include Muslim with 5.92%, Christian with 0.43% and Jain and Sikh with 1.01%, 0.18% and 0.05% being Buddhist.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Navsari district is divided into 6 talukas (20th out of 33):

Navsari district has 13 town out of 348 Town of Gujarat (less than 11 District of Gujarat) with having 9 census Town (less than 6 District of Gujarat )and 4 Statutory Towns ( less than 20 District of Gujarat) :

In Navsari Taluka :

In Gandevi Taluka :

In Jalalpore Taluka :

In Bansda Taluka :

In Jalalpore Taluka :

Navsari district has 372 Village out of 18,225 Village of Gujarat ( 21 district has more village than Navsari ).


There are few Biggest Tourist Spot in Navsari District. Unai hot spring in Vansda taluka is famous for its medical benefit to body. Navsari is also famous for ubharat and Dandi Beach in South Gujarat with Tithal Beach of Valsad. Dandi is also famous for Dandi salt march led by Mahatma Gandhi.

The other famous spot for tourist attraction in this district is Sayaji Vaibhav Public Library in Navsari City, Navsari, reason behind calling Bokkish or educational city of Gujarat and book reading culture of Navsari and Gujarat. There are also other famous library like Mehrajirana library and other like NAU central library and Nila spore Library. The other tourist spots are famous temple like Andheshwar temple in Amalsad, Gangeshvar Temple in kachholi , Kameshwar Mahadev near Gadat, Mallikarjun Mahadev near Majigam , Shukleshwar Mahadev near Anaval , Barumal Mahadev near Barumal, Vighneshwar Mahadev near Mahuwa, Kedareshwar Mahadev near Bardoli, Somnath Mahadev Mandir, Shri Jalaram Mandir, Shri Gayatri Mandir, Shri Dwarkadhish Mandir, Swaminarayan Mandir, Ganga Mata Temple, Shri Ramji Mandir (at Talodh) near Bilimora in Gandevi Taluka(Tehsil), Unai mata temple in Vansda taluka(Tehsil) and Ashapuri Temple in Navsari City and other few Temple for religious tourism of Hindu and masjid-e-noor and bhattai mosque for riligious tourism for Muslims and Desai Atash Behram a fire temple for Parsis and chintamani temple for Jain.Navsari is also famous for Ajmalgadh of Vansda. And Luncikui in Navsari City is famous for popular Area of Navsari.

The other famous tourist spot for wildlife advanture in this district is Vansda National Park near Vansda and known for Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, Hyana, Python, and Indian langur. And it is also famous for its giradhodh waterfall and botanical Garden near Waghai in Dang District. And Wildlife experience Purna Wildlife Sanctuary in nearby Dang Districts,[7][8] the park is considered as being a part of the Dangs' Forest.[9] Other famous tourist spot included in nearby region is Saputara Hill Station in Dang District is most popular tourist destination of Gujarat and most favorite Hill station to chillout in Gujarat.


Colleges & UniversitiesEdit

  • Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari
  • B P Baria Science College, Navsari
  • Sorabji Burjorji Garda Arts College, Navsari
  • P.K. Patel Commerce College, Navsari
  • Navsari Law College, Navsari
  • Naranlala College Of Commerce & Management (NLCCM), Navsari
  • Naranlala College of Professional and Applied Science (NLCPAS), Navsari
  • Naran Lala Institute of Teacher Education (NLITE), Navsari
  • Naran Lala School of Industrial Management & Computer Science (MBA Programme), Navsari
  • Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology and Research Centre, Navsari
  • GIDC Degree Engineering College, Navsari
  • Vallabhbudhi Polytechnic, Navsari
  • Arts And Commerce College, Chovisi (Dist:Navsari)
  • S.S.Agrawal College of Arts, Commerce and Management, Navsari
  • S.S.Agrawal College of Nursing Training College and Research Centre, Navsari
  • S.S.Agrawal Institute of Management and Technology, Navsari
  • V.S.Patel Arts & Science College, Bilimora
  • Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Navsari
  • Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Bilimora
  • Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Chikhli
  • College of Applied Sciences and Professional Studies (CASPS), Chikhli
  • Government Science College, Chikhli
  • Government Arts & Commerce College, Vansda
  • Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Manpur (Vansda)




Gujarat Government and Airports Authority of India (AAI) has given permission to build international airport in Navsari District near ubharat connecting Navsari and Surat . The Gujarat Civil Aviation Board (GUJCAB) has been formed to foster development of aviation infrastructure in Gujarat. The Board is headed by the Chief Minister.

International airportsEdit

Domestic airports operated by the Airports Authority of India (AAI)Edit


Surat railway station closest busiest station near Navsari

Gujarat comes under the Western Railway Zone of the Indian Railways. Navsari Railway Station is the one of the busiest railway station in Gujarat. It is situated on the MumbaiDelhi Western Railway Mainline. Other close important railway stations are Surat railway station, Bhruch Railway Station , Vadodra Railway Station and Valsad Railway Station. Indian Railways is planning Delhi–Mumbai dedicated rail freight route passing through the District.National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited is planning to Mumbai–Ahmedabad high-speed rail corridor passing through Navsari District and having station stop at Bilimora.



Gujarat State has the longest sea coast of 1600 km in India. Gujarat Maritime Board has identified Vansi - Borsi near Umbharat Beach as Green field site for development of direct berthing deep water port . The location is identified as handling Petroleum and liquid chemical cargo for immediate hinterland. The Proposed site is 13 km away from Navsari broad gauge railway link. Other closest big port to Navsari district is Kandla Port is one of the largest ports serving Western India. Other important ports in Gujarat are the Port of Navlakhi, Port Pipavav, Bedi Port, Port of Porbandar, Port of Veraval and the privately owned Mundra Port. Ro-Ro ferry service available near Navsari at dahej. Modern fishing harbour (jalalpore) Dhaloi gone develop as Dhaloi Port at the cost of 3.5 million Us Dollar.


Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) is the primary body responsible for providing the bus services within the state of Gujarat and also with the neighbouring states. It is a public transport corporation providing bus services and public transit within Gujarat and to the other states in India. Apart from this, there are a number of services provided by GSRTC.

  • Mofussil Services — It connects major cities, smaller towns and villages within Gujarat.[10]
  • Interstate Bus Services — It connects various cities of Gujarat with the neighbouring states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.[10]
  • Parcel Services — This service is used for transporting goods.[10]

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Coordinates: 20°57′00″N 72°55′12″E / 20.95000°N 72.92000°E / 20.95000; 72.92000