Nauru Police Force

The Nauru Police Force is the national police force of the Republic of Nauru.

Nauru Police Force (NPF)
MottoTo promote integrity, be a professional and community-oriented law enforcement body and increase Nauru Police Force's stature in the Pacific region. [1]
Agency overview
Jurisdictional structure
National agencyNauru
Operations jurisdictionNauru
Governing bodyGovernment of Nauru
General nature
Operational structure
HeadquartersCivic Centre, Aiwo District (NRU)
Elected officer responsible
  • Lionel Rouwen Aingimea [2]
Agency executives
  • Iven Notte, Commissioner of Police
  • Kalinda Blake, Deputy Commissioner of Police
Nauru Police StationsYaren, Nauru
VehiclesIVECO vans, Toyota Hilux
Patrol Boats10m Patrol Boat
Nauru police force.


The force was established through the Nauru Police Force Act of 26 January in 1972, which has been amended several times.[3]


Nauru Cadet Police training in 2007.

The NPF is divided into six units.

  • Professional Standards Unit
  • Operations Unit
  • Crimes Unit
  • Learning and Development Unit
  • Operations Support Unit
  • Maritime Unit[4]

The Nauru Police Force has the following ranks, modeled after the Australian Federal Police:[5]

  • cadet constable
  • constable
  • director
  • inspector
  • non-commissioned officer
  • police officer
  • reserve officer


Police officers in Nauru are not armed while on routine patrol, although as of 2018 the police was estimated to possess 60 firearms.[6] In 2020, 30 M1 Garand Honor Guard (or Squad Performance) rifles were donated by the Taiwanese Embassy to the Nauru Police Force.[7]


Name Type Origin Image Quantity
Iveco Daily[8] Van   Italy   At least 2[8]
Toyota Hilux[9] Pickup Truck   Japan   At least 5[9]
10m Multi-Purpose Coastal Patrol Boats[10] Patrol Boat   Taiwan 2[10]


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