Naulakha Bazaar (Punjabi, Urdu: نولکھا بازار‎) is Bazaar (market) located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. This Bazaar was established in 1633 and is located in Lahore Fort near Naulakha Pavilion. The Shaheed Ganj Mosque is located in Naulakha Bazaar. The used clothing and crockery bazaar, landa bazaar, is also located near Naulakha Bazaar.

Naulakha Bazaar

نولکھا بازار
DistrictLahore District
 • OfficialUrdu
Time zoneUTC+5:00 (PST)

When the Naulakha Pavilion was built in 1633 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a small summer house, it cost around 900,000 rupees, an exorbitant amount at the time.[1] It is called Naulakha because in Punjabi language, the word means 'worth 9 lakhs rupees'.[2] This also brought the word Naulakha into common use to signify something precious.[3]

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