Naty "El Gato" Alvarado (born in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico) is a former player of handball. According to the United States Handball Association's hall of fame entry, he is the "[t]he most dominating, winningest handball player" in the history of handball.[1] His style was characterized by an aggressive two-hand offense. "He won his first national championship in 1977 at St. Louis...."[2] He was dominant in the 1980s. He won "63 professional tournaments over a 14-year period."[1][3] A Mexican national, Alvarado entered the United States illegally but was granted U.S. permanent residency under an amnesty program in the 1980s. His son, Naty, Jr., is also a member of the USHA Hall of Fame. [4]

Naty Alvarado
Personal information
Full name Naty "El Gato" Alvarado
Born Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
Nationality  Mexico

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