Nature contre nature

Nature contre nature is a French telefilm comedy, broadcast in 2004, directed by Lucas Belvaux, and scripted by Lucas Belvaux with Jean-Luc Gaget.

Nature contre nature
Directed byLucas Belvaux
Written byLucas Belvaux
Jean-Luc Gaget
Screenplay byLucas Belvaux
Jean-Luc Gaget
StarringLucas Belvaux
Raphaele Godin
Catherine Mouchet
Jacques Spiesser
Liliane Rovère
Ariane Ascaride
François Morel
Pascal Elso
Patrick Descamps
Henri Guybert
Nicolas Silberg
Michele Gleizer
Pierre-Francois Dumeniaud
Joel Lefrancois
Bernard Mazzinghi
Music byRiccardo Del Fra
Release date
  • 2004 (2004)


Sébastien Chantoux, (Lucas Belvaux), a psychoanalyst, leaves Paris and goes to live in the Creuse, at Royère-de-Vassivière. Hardly settled, he discovers "Troc'En Creuse", a system of local exchange that operates through the use of barter. Initially reticent about using it and bartering his psychoanalytic sessions, he is reconciled to the system, and in a few weeks becomes a figure in the community. Everything seems to be working out, and without costing Sébastien a sou, until the arrival of Mlle. Oudinot, (Catherine Mouchet), a tax inspector. War is declared; "Troc'En Creuse" and the small local economy against the capitalism of the state.

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