Natur & Kultur is a Swedish publishing foundation with head office in Stockholm known for an extensive series of teaching materials. Its logotype is an apple tree.

Natur och Kultur
Founded1922 (1922)
FoundersJohan Hansson, Jenny Bergqvist Hansson
Country of originSweden
Headquarters locationStockholm

Overview edit

The publishing house was founded in 1922 by Johan Hansson and his wife Jenny Bergqvist Hansson, with a focus on educational and didactic works of literature. During the Second World War, it published anti-Nazi literature. It was transformed into a foundation in 1947.[1]

In the 1980s and 1990s, Natur & Kultur bought a number of other publishing houses, such as Askild & Kärnekull Förlag AB, (later renamed to Legenda) and LTs Förlag. In addition to textbooks for different levels of education, Natur & Kultur also publishes literary classics and mainstream literature.[1]

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