Native Communications

Native Communications Inc. (NCI) is a public radio network in the Canadian province of Manitoba. The network provides programming by and for Canadian First Nations was founded by Donald A. McIvor of Wabowden, Manitoba. He enlisted support from founding board member(S): John Tait, Norway House, Manitoba Bernadette Beardy, Cross Lake, Manitoba Margaret Head, The Pas, Manitoba Others (to be posted later)

NCI-FM broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on more than 50 FM radio transmitters located throughout Manitoba, reaching over 70 communities. Its headquarters is located at 1507 Inkster Boulevard in Winnipeg. The company also operates CIUR-FM, a youth-oriented radio station in Winnipeg which airs distinct programming from the main network.

The newest major site (on-air May 2002) includes a transmitter (2.7 watts) located near Minnedosa, servicing the Brandon and Dauphin regions. as well as one in Ontario.

Call sign Frequency City of License
VF2196 0096.9 FM Berens River [1]
VF2339 0096.9 FM Bloodvein [2]
CIWM-FM 0107.5 FM Brandon/Dauphin [3][4] (moving from 91.5 FM)
VF2220 0096.9 FM Brochet [5]
VF2420 0093.9 FM Camperville [6]
VF2312 0096.9 FM Churchill [7]
VF2261 0096.9 FM Cormorant [8]
CICP-FM 0096.9 FM Cranberry Portage [9]
VF2195 0093.5 FM Cross Lake [10]
VF2421 0093.5 FM Dauphin River
VF2262 0096.9 FM Duck Bay
VF2337 0093.5 FM Easterville
CIFR-FM 0096.9 FM Fairford/Lake St. Martin [11]
CIFF-FM 0101.1 FM Flin Flon [12]
VF2334 0093.5 FM Fox Lake [13]
VF2198 0096.9 FM Garden Hill
VF2333 0095.5 FM Gillam
VF2174 0093.5 FM Gods Lake Narrows [14]
VF2175 0093.9 FM Gods River
VF2263 0096.9 FM Grand Rapids
VF2336 0093.5 FM Griswold
VF2340 0093.5 FM Hollow Water/Manigotagan [15][16]
VF2422 0093.9 FM Ilford/War Lake
VF2404 0093.5 FM Jackhead
VF2106 0096.9 FM Lac Brochet
VF2335 0093.5 FM Lake Manitoba
VF2406 0093.5 FM Leaf Rapids
VF2407 0096.9 FM Little Grand Rapids
VF2382 0101.7 FM Long Plain
VF2423 0096.9 FM Lynn Lake
VF2313 0096.9 FM Moose Lake
VF2222 0096.9 FM Nelson House
CINR-FM 0092.9 FM Norway House [17]
VF2314 0096.9 FM Oxford House
VF2504 0093.3 FM Paint Lake
VF2405 0093.5 FM Pauingassi [18]
CIPM-FM 0100.9 FM Peguis
CKQX-FM 0096.9 FM Pelican Rapids
VF2264 0096.9 FM Pikwitonei
VF2167 0096.9 FM Pukatawagan [19]
VF2108 0096.9 FM Red Sucker Lake
CIST-FM 0093.5 FM St. Theresa Point [20]
CICY-FM 0105.5 FM Selkirk
VF2199 0096.9 FM Shamattawa
VF2342 0093.5 FM Sherridon [21]
VF2462 0096.3 FM Snow Lake [22]
CISI-FM 0096.9 FM South Indian Lake [23]
VF2265 0096.9 FM Split Lake
CISF-FM 0090.5 FM Swan Lake
CISV-FM 0093.3 FM Swan River [24]
VF2109 0096.9 FM Tadoule Lake
CITP-FM 0092.7 FM The Pas
VF2338 0096.9 FM Thicket Portage
CINC-FM 0096.3 FM Thompson [25]
VF2168 0096.9 FM Wabowden
CIWR-FM 0093.5 FM Waterhen
CHYL-FM 0093.5 FM York Landing
CINC-FM 105.5 FM Winnipeg


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