National colours of Ukraine

The national colours of Ukraine are usually identified as the combination of blue and gold in that order. These colours are the same as in the flag of Ukraine. The roots of Ukrainian national colours come from before Christian times when yellow and blue prevailed in traditional ceremonies,[1] reflecting fire and water. The most solid proof of yellow and blue colours could be traced as far as the Battle of Grunwald at which participating militia formations from various lands of the Polish-Lithuanian Union. In maps of the 19th and 20th centuries, the territories of Ukraine were usually coloured yellow. The "gold" (Or) is nearly always represented by a shade of yellow, as there is no distinct colour "yellow" in heraldry; they both count as "Gold". There is a theory that the colors have arrived in the area of present-day Ukraine, together with the governor Prinz Władysław II Opolczyk, who established them to the Principality of Ruthenia on model of his native Upper Silesia.

Typical agricultural landscape of Ukraine, Kherson Oblast

Blue and gold are also national colours of Sweden, Palau and Kazakhstan.


Flag of Ukraine since 1918
Scheme Strong azure Yellow
Pantone Pantone Coated 2935 C Pantone Coated Yellow 012 C[2]
RAL 5019 Capri blue 1023 Traffic yellow
RGB color model 0, 91, 187 255, 213, 0
CMYK 100, 47, 0, 0 0, 4, 100, 0
HEX #0057b8 #ffd700
Websafe #0066cc #ffcc00

The colours in the Ukrainian flag represent golden fields of grain under a clear blue sky. In the soviet times Ukraine was a country known as the "bread basket", therefore it is a common misconception to attribute the yellow color to be a representation of Ukraine as a supplier of bread. However the color gold in the flag is symbolic as everything in heraldic. The meaning of color gold has long been viewed as a symbol of wealth or anything material. In combination with blue, a color of sky which symbolises freedom, Ukrainian flag represents the "freedom above bread" idea. Freedom above anything material. [3]

The Ukrainian flag was light blue over yellow prior to the establishment of the Soviet Republic. Used sparingly, blue signifies blue skies, which symbolises freedom. Sky above grain, or "Freedom above bread" is the meaning of the Ukrainian flag.


Ukraine's state coat of arms feature the same colours found on the Ukrainian flag; a blue shield with gold trident, called the tryzub, which means trident. It represents the triune God on earth and in heaven.[3] It appears on the Presidential standard of Ukraine. Blue coloured tridents are considered to be irregular representation by the Ukrainian Heraldry Society.

In addition to the Hero of Ukraine Order,[4] decorations that include or consist of the national colours are the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, Order of Liberty, Order of Danylo Halytsky, Order of Merit, Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Shevchenko National Prize


Ukraine national football team

In many international team sports Ukraine (such as in the Olympic Games), colours used for the team are yellow and blue, where the blue is often a very dark blue. These include National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, Ukraine men's national ice hockey team, Ukraine national basketball team, Ukraine national football team, and Ukraine national bandy team. The club team FC Metalist Kharkiv has also adopted these colours.


Ukraine International Airlines current livery is a "Eurowhite" scheme,[5] comprising a white fuselage with UIA titles and a Ukrainian flag. The tail is blue with a yellow line across it. This livery has been in use since the late 1990s. The tail was white with two thick blue lines, which tapered from the rear of the tail and met at a point towards the front bottom.


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