National Youth Council of Slovenia

The National Youth Council of Slovenia (Slovene: Mladinski svet Slovenije) is the national youth council representing all national youth organisations irrespective of their various interests, ideological or political orientations. As a non-profit and non-governmental organisation, it represents the opinions of Slovenian youth at the national and international level.[2]

National Youth Council of Slovenia
Mladinski svet Slovenije
EstablishedApril 25, 1990; 34 years ago (1990-04-25)[1]
TypeNational Youth Council
HeadquartersDimičeva 9, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Official language
Eva Kotnik
AffiliationsEuropean Youth Forum (YFJ)

The key purpose of MSS is to defend the interests of young people and to promote their participation in policy making process in the fields which have a significant impact on their lives and work.[3]

MSS strives to create an environment in which young people can become autonomous, responsible, sympathetic and active individuals and members of society. It also endeavours to improve the position of young people as a specific social group.[4]

Name Shortened Name Type MSS Status
Slovenian Catholic Girl Guides and Boy Scouts Association ZSKSS Scouting Full Member
Scout Association of Slovenia ZTS Scouting Full Member
Young Slovenia MSi Political Youth Wing Full Member
Youth Forum of Social Democrats Mladi Forum SD Political Youth Wing Full Member
Slovenian Democratic Youth SDM Political Youth Wing Full Member
New Generation of the Slovenian People's Party NG SLS Political Youth Wing Full Member
Youth Committee at the Alpine Association of Slovenia Mladinska Komisija PZS Alpine Club Full Member
Youth Network No Excuse Slovenia Brez Izgovora Youth Development Organisation Full Member
Slovenian Rural Youth ZSPM Rural Youth Organisation Full Member
Association of Slovenian Student Clubs Zveza ŠKIS Association of Student Clubs Full Member
Youth Guild Society Mladinski Ceh Youth Development Organisation Full Member
ŠKUC Association - Youth Unit ŠKUC Youth Culture Organisation Associated Member
Youth Hostel Association of Slovenia PZS National Youth Hostel Association Associated Member


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