National University of the Northeast

The National University of the Northeast (Castilian: Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, UNNE) is an Argentine national university. It is located in the cities of Corrientes and Resistencia, capitals cities of the Provinces of Corrientes and Chaco respectively, and was established on December 4, 1956. Known as the university of the sun, it was the seventh-largest university in Argentina by student enrollment numbers as of 2017.[2]

National University of the Northeast
Universidad Nacional del Nordeste
Logo de la UNNE.jpg
MottoQualitatum, Eqelentia et Pertinanti
Motto in English
Quality, Excellence and Pertinence
ChancellorIng. Eduardo del Valle
Academic staff
Chaco and Corrientes Provinces
CampusCorrientes, Resistencia and Saenz Peña


  • Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism[3]
  • Faculty of Arts[4]
  • Faculty of Agrarian and Forest Sciences[5]
  • Faculty of Agroindustry[6]
  • Faculty of Economic Sciences[7]
  • Faculty of Exact Sciences[8]

The Faculty of Exact Sciences consists of 9 academic departments; namely Agricultural Science, Biology, Biochemistry, Physics, Humanities, Informatics, Engineering, Mathematics and Chemistry.[9] These departments offer undergraduate and post-graduate courses. Innovative dual language post-graduate courses have been taught in the faculty of mathematics by internationally distinguished professors such as Bharath Sriraman on topics of Theories and Philosophies of Mathematics Education,.[10][11]

  • Faculty of Law[12]
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences[13]
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences and Museum[14]
  • Faculty of Veterinary Sciences[15]
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences[16]
  • Faculty of Informatics[17]
  • Faculty of Engineering[18]
  • Faculty of Odontology[19]
Administrative offices in Corrientes
Administrative offices in Resistencia

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