National Union (Spain)

National Union (Spanish: Unión nacional) was a Spanish far right electoral coalition which contested the 1979 Spanish general election. It linked Blas Piñar's Fuerza Nueva francoist party with the Carlists.

National Union

Unión Nacional
PresidentBlas Piñar
Founded1979 (1979)
Dissolved1982 (1982)
Merger ofFuerza Nueva
FE de las JONS
Círculos Doctrinales José Antonio
Comunión Tradicionalista
Confederación Nacional de Excombatientes
Agrupación de Juventudes Tradicionalistas
National Catholicism
Spanish nationalism
Political positionFar-right
SloganEspaña en tus manos (Spain [is] in your hands)

The coalition gathered 378,964 votes (2.11%), which earned it one seat in Madrid, held by Piñar.[1]

Elections resultsEdit

Congress of Deputies / SenateEdit

Election Congress of Deputies Senate Rank Government Leader
Votes % ±pp Seats won +/− Seats won +/−
1979 378,964 2.11%  
1 / 350
±0 N/A N/A #6 Opposition

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