National Theatre of Namibia

The National Theatre of Namibia is the State Theatre in the Namibian capital Windhoek.[1] The National Theatre promotes the development, conservation and maintenance of Dramatic Arts in Namibia; among other things, a youth development program. It was founded on August 15, 1989 under its current name and its present structure as a "non-profit purpose" but before that was already known as South West Africa Performing Arts Council. It is located in the district of Windhoek Central Business District, next to the National Gallery of Namibia.

National Theatre of Namibia
HeadquartersWindhoek, Namibia

The National Theatre is funded through donations, government grants and entrance fees. In the 1990s, the financial resources were very limited, so only irregularly held performances. Since the beginning of the 200 years be a regular game plan application and Namibian next stage plays, operas, concerts and musicals and international plays are performed.

The theater consists of various rehearsal rooms and the main hall with 471 seats and a smaller hall with 250 seats.


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