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National Society for Promoting Religious Education

The National Society for Promoting Religious Education, often just referred to as the National Society,and since 2016 also as The Church of England Education Office (CEEO) is a Church of England body in England and Wales for the promotion of church schools and Christian education.

It was founded on 16 October 1811 as the "National Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church in England and Wales". Its aim was that "the National Religion should be made the foundation of National Education, and should be the first and chief thing taught to the poor, according to the excellent Liturgy and Catechism provided by our Church." One of the principal founders was Joshua Watson.

Historically, schools founded by the National Society were called National Schools, as opposed to the non-denominational "British schools" founded by the British and Foreign School Society.

According to the Society's website, "Five thousand Church of England and Church in Wales schools, educating almost a million children and young people, are the heirs of that proud tradition."


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