National Socialists – Left of the 21st century

The National Socialists – Left of the 21st century (Czech: Národní socialisté – levice 21. století, NS-LEV 21) also known as Left 21 (LEV 21)[1] is a left-wing political party in the Czech Republic founded in October 2011 by Jiří Paroubek, former Prime Minister and former leader of the Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD).[2]

National Socialists
Národní socialisté
LeaderJaroslav Král
Founded1 November 2011
Split fromSocial Democratic Party
HeadquartersRadlická 58, Prague
IdeologyLeft-wing nationalism[citation needed]

Former Prime Minister Jiří Paroubek was elected chairman of his newly founded party at the constituent congress on 26 November.[3] In the year 2012, the party had two representatives in the 200-seat Chamber of Deputies, Paroubek and Jiří Šlégr (ex-CSSD).[4]

The party name is a reference to the historical Czech National Social Party, and as such they do not advocate for Nazism. LEV 21 wants to follow up the tradition of the socialist nationalists in the First Czechoslovak Republic.[5] Nevertheless, in the 2017 Czech legislative election, LEV 21 allied with the Czech Neo-Nazi party, Workers' Party of Social Justice.

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Chamber of DeputiesEdit

Date Leader Votes Seats Position
# % # Size
2013 Jiří Paroubek 3,843 0.08
0 / 200
18th Opposition

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