National Reform Party (Ghana)

The National Reform Party is a political party in Ghana. It was founded in 1999 by a splinter group from the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

National Reform Party
LeaderPeter Kpordugbe
ChairmanPeter Kpordugbe
General SecretaryKyeretwie Opoku
2000 Presidential CandidateGoosie Tanoh
Split fromNational Democratic Congress
Headquarters31 Mango Tree Avenue
Asylum Down
MottoGhana first
2000 elections0


The party contested the 2000 presidential and parliamentary elections on the 7 December 2000 but won no seats. Its presidential candidate Augustus Obuadum Tanoh ("Goosie" Tanoh) had 1.1% of the presidential vote.[1] His running mate was Fetus Kosiba.[2]

Electoral performanceEdit

Parliamentary electionsEdit

Election Number of APC votes Share of votes Seats +/- Position Outcome of election
2004 11,364 0.13% 0 6th of 8 Not represented in parliament
2000[3] 147,196 2.25% 0 5th of 6 Not represented in parliament

Presidential electionsEdit

Election Candidate Number of votes Share of votes Outcome of election
2004 Not contested
2000[3] Goosie Tanoh 78,629 1.21% 5th of 7


The chairman and leader of the party is Peter Kpordugbe,[4] former head of the National Service Secretariat and a former member of the NDC. The general secretary is Kyeretwie Opoku.[2]


The party's motto is "Ghana first".[5]

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