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The National Public Security Force (Portuguese: Força Nacional de Segurança Pública) was created in 2004 and is headquartered in Brasília, in the Federal District, as a joint cooperation of various Brazilian Public Safety forces, co-ordinated by the National Secretariat of Public Security (Portuguese: Secretaria Nacional de Segurança Pública - SENASP), of the Ministry of Justice. It is an agency that was created during the administration of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, a concept developed by then Minister of Justice, Márcio Thomaz Bastos.

National Public Security Force
Força Nacional de Segurança Pública
Brasão FNSP mini.PNG
Agency overview
Employees6,000 - 10,000 officers (variable)
Jurisdictional structure
Federal agencyBrazil
Operations jurisdictionBrazil
General nature
HeadquartersBrasília, DF

Agents of the National Public Security Force active in the Distrito Federal, and Luziânia, in the state of Goiás.
Soldiers and Nissan Xterra vehicles of the National Public Security Force.


The Secretary of the SENASP, Police Commissioner of the Brazilian Federal Police, Luiz Fernando Correa, is in overall charge of the Force, while the Colonel of the Military Police of Rio Grande do Sul, Aurélio Ferreira Rodrigues, has operational and direct control of the force.


The National Force is composed by men of the Brazilian Military Police of the various states of Brazil, in coordination with the Secretary of Public Security of each different Brazilian state.

Law enforcement officers receive initially 100 hours of further education, divided in ten days of training. There are classes in: human rights, control of civil riots, ostensive policing, crisis management and shooting techniques.


The BEPE or Batalhão Especial de Pronto Emprego (Quick Deployment Special Battalion) is the elite unit of FNSP, is headquartered in the satellite city of Gama, in the Federal District, and soon will also have another unit in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Its effective training with elite units of Brazil and abroad, is suitable to be used in patrolling or police special operations anywhere in the country, was established by the Ministry of Justice in order to become the leading and best-trained troops Brazilian police, and to act in emergency situations in public safety, when the law enforcement agencies state request federal intervention in an emergency. Urgency, that can be quickly answered, as his quota is effective and not demobilizable, remains in readiness to meet by Situation critical in public safety.


On different occasions, the National Force was called in the state of Espírito Santo as well as in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, primarily to help containing rebellions inside prisons. On another occasion, the federal government offered to send the National Force to assist the state of São Paulo against acts of violence organized there, in 2006, again by prisoners against the state public safety forces, but the federal government offer was refused by the state government, as the state claimed control over the prisoners.

The governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Sérgio Cabral Filho asked for support from the National Public Security Force back in 2007 when the state suffered from a wave of attacks by several criminal factions. The Federal Government agreed to send a contingent of about 500 men and 52 vehicles to patrol 19 critical points within the state, mostly the favelas' areas.

The FNSP was called into action in the states of Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais and Bahia in 2013, and in Pernambuco in 2014. In these cases, the force provided strict security measures in these states. It reinforced local police work in Teresina, Piaui, in 2015. In 2016, aside from security duties at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics and the city elections there, detachments of the force were deployed to Rio Grande do Sul and Maranhão, and in the fall of 2017 in Espiritu Santo.


Agents of the National Public Security Force in 2012.
National Public Security Force officers in urban combat suits.

Model Manufacturer Notes Photo
Nissan Xterra Nissan Patrol car  
Nissan Frontier Nissan Patrol car  
Mitsubishi L200 Mitsubishi Patrol car  
Fiat Ducato Fiat Utilitary  
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mercedes-Benz Utilitary  
Volvo - Bus  
Volare w7 Marcopolo S.A. Bus  
VBL Gladiador Inbrafiltro Armoured car  


Model Origin Photo
IMBEL IA2 Carabine   Brazil  
IMBEL MD97 Rifle   Brazil  
Pump CBC calibre 12 gauge   Brazil
Taurus PT 24/7 Pistol   Brazil  
Taurus PT100 Pistol   Brazil  

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