National Patriotic Front (Namibia)

The National Patriotic Front is a political party in Namibia.

National Patriotic Front
FoundedMarch 1989[1]
ColorsRed, yellow, green, black
Seats in the National Assembly
0 / 104
Seats in the National Council
0 / 42
Regional Councillors
0 / 121
Local Councillors
0 / 378
Pan-African Parliament
0 / 5

In the 2000s the party was dormant until it was revived for the 2019 Namibian general election. It now attempts to provide a platform for former soldiers fighting 'on the wrong side' of the Namibian War of Independence who are not recognised as war veterans by the current Namibian government. As of August 2019 the party has no official leadership beyond Uapiruka Papama, its acting secretary-general.[2] The NPF failed to achieve parliamentary representation after it finished last in the national assembly election, gathering 1,785 votes (0.22%). It did not field a presidential candidate.[3]


It was formed in March 1989 at the initiative of Moses Katjioungua[1] as an alliance of the Action National Settlement, South West African National Union and Caprivi African National Union political parties. Katjioungua was elected to the Constituent Assembly of Namibia, the 1st National Assembly of Namibia and the 2nd National Assembly of Namibia. The early party leaders included ANS leader Eben van Zijl and CANU leader Siseho Simasiku.[4]

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