National Museum of Roman Art

The National Museum of Roman Art (Spanish: Museo Nacional de Arte Romano; MNAR) is an archaeology museum located in Mérida, Spain. Devoted to Roman art, it exhibits extensive material from the archaeological ensemble of Mérida (the Roman colony of Augusta Emerita), one of the largest and most extensive archaeological sites in Spain, registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.[1]

National Museum of Roman Art
Museo Nacional de Arte Romano
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Facade of the National Museum of Roman Art
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Former name
Museo Arqueológico de Mérida
Established26 March 1838 (1838-03-26)
LocationMérida, Spain
Coordinates38°55′2.302″N 6°20′23.500″W / 38.91730611°N 6.33986111°W / 38.91730611; -6.33986111Coordinates: 38°55′2.302″N 6°20′23.500″W / 38.91730611°N 6.33986111°W / 38.91730611; -6.33986111
TypeArchaeology museum
CollectionsRoman art
Collection size37,000
Visitors239,798 (2017)
DirectorTrinidad Nogales Basarrate
ArchitectRafael Moneo
OwnerGeneral State Administration
Criteriaiii, iv
Designated1993 (17th session)
Part ofArchaeological Ensemble of Mérida
Reference no.664-017
RegionEurope and North America
Designated1 March 1962
Reference no.RI-51-0001309


An archaeology museum in Mérida was created for the first time through a royal order issued on 26 March 1838.[2] On the occasion of the two thousandth anniversary of the city's foundation, the museum was refounded as the National Museum of Roman Art in 1975.[3] The current building is a work by Spanish architect Rafael Moneo.[4] Building works started in 1981.[4] The new premises were unveiled on 19 September 1986.[4]



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