National Museum and Art Gallery, Trinidad

The National Museum and Art Gallery is the national museum of Trinidad and Tobago, in Port of Spain on Trinidad island.[1] It is located at the top of Frederick Street, opposite the Memorial Park, and just south of the Queen's Park Savannah.

National Museum and Art Gallery
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LocationFrederick Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago

The museum was established in 1892, as the Royal Victoria Institute.[2] The building is an example of Victorian era colonial style of the British West Indies.[3]


The Museum manages a collection of some 10,000 items, including a collection of paintings by Michel-Jean Cazabon.[2] Among the many items on display in seven major galleries are petroleum and geological exhibits, the permanent national art collection, and a small gallery on Trinidad's Carnival arts.

The facilities include an audio-visual room which is used in an active educational programme.[citation needed]

Branch museumsEdit

Branches of the National Museum and Art Gallery include:[citation needed]

  • The Museum of the City of Port of Spain — at Fort San Andrés on South Quay, Port of Spain.
  • Museum of the Police Service of Trinidad and Tobago — at Police Headquarters, St Vincent Street, Port of Spain.
  • Money Museum — in the Central Bank at Eric Williams Financial Plaza, Independence Square, Port of Spain.


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