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The National Fire Agency of the Ministry of the Interior (NFA; Chinese: 內政部消防署; pinyin: Nèizhèngbù Xīaofángshǔ) is a statutory agency under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The agency provides emergency medical, fire prevention, firefighting and disaster rescue service as well as protecting civilian lives, property and safety. It was established in March 1995. [1]

National Fire Agency
Republic of China Fire Services Logo.svg
Agency overview
Formed 1 March 1995
Jurisdiction Republic of China
Headquarters Dapinglin, Xindian, New Taipei
Employees Establishment and 16,933 people, 12,913 people actually post
Agency executive
Parent agency Ministry of the Interior (Taiwan)
Child agency
  • Local Fire Departments in Taiwan

The agency is administered by the Director General which reports to the Minister for Interior. The current Director General is Chi-Tang Yeh.


Departmental StructureEdit

Fire station in Taipei
Fire station in Kinmen

The National Fire Agency is composed of the following divisions:[2]

  • Planning Division
  • Disaster Management Division
  • Fire Prevention Division
  • Hazardous Aerial Management Division
  • Disaster Rescue Division
  • Emergency medical Service Division
  • Fire Investigation Division
  • Training & Education Division
  • Civilian Coordination Division
  • Rescue Command Center
  • Secretariat
  • Personnel Office
  • Accounting Office
  • Civil Service Ethics Office

Mission unitsEdit

  • Information Office
  • Inspector Office

External UnitsEdit

  • Special Search and Rescue Team
  • Training Center

Internal UnitsEdit

  • Keelung Harbor Fire Brigade
  • Taichung Harbor Fire Brigade
  • Kaohsiung Harbor Fire Brigade
  • Hualien Harbor Fire Brigade

Local Fire Departments in TaiwanEdit

  • Kaohsiung City Fire Department
  • New Taipei City Fire Department
  • Taichung City Fire Department
  • Tainan City Fire Department
  • Taipei City Fire Department
  • Chiayi City Fire Department
  • Hsinchu City Fire Department
  • Keelung City Fire Department
  • Changhua County Fire Department
  • Chiayi County Fire Department
  • Hsinchu County Fire Department
  • Hualien County Fire Department
  • Kinmen County Fire Department
  • Lienchiang County Fire Department
  • Miaoli County Fire Department
  • Nantou County Fire Department
  • Penghu County Fire Department
  • Pingtung County Fire Department
  • Taitung County Fire Department
  • Taoyuan County Fire Department
  • Yilan County Fire Department
  • Yunlin County Fire Department


The agency is accessible within walking distance from Dapinglin Station of the Taipei Metro.

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