National Democratic Movement (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The National Democratic Movement (Serbian: Народни демократски покрет/Narodni demokratski pokret, NDP) is a political party in Bosnia and Herzegovina led by Dragan Čavić.

National Democratic Movement
Народни демократски покрет
Narodni demokratski pokret
LeaderDragan Čavić
Founded9 June 2013
Political positionCentre-right
House of Representatives
0 / 42
House of Peoples
0 / 15
National Assembly of Republika Srpska
4 / 83


The party was established on 9 June 2013 as a merger of the Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party. In April 2014 the New Socialist Party merged into the NDP.

In the 2014 elections the party contested the national elections in an alliance with the Party of Democratic Progress, with the alliance winning a single seat in the national House of Representatives.[2] The NDP contested the elections in Republika Srpska alone, winning five seats in the National Assembly.[3]

Election resultsEdit

Parliament of Republika Srpska
Year Popular vote % of popular vote # of seats Government
2014 33,977 5.13%
5 / 83
2018 28,183 4.12%
4 / 83


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