National Defense University

The National Defense University (NDU) is an institution of higher education funded by the United States Department of Defense, intended to facilitate high-level education, training, and professional development of national security leaders. As a chairman's Controlled Activity, NDU operates under the guidance of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), with Lieutenant General Michael T. Plehn, USAF,[1] as president. It is located on the grounds of Fort Lesley J. McNair in Washington, D.C.[2]

National Defense University
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TypeFederal staff college
PresidentMichael T. Plehn[1]
ProvostDr. Alan Drimmer
United States

38°51′58″N 77°00′54″W / 38.866°N 77.015°W / 38.866; -77.015Coordinates: 38°51′58″N 77°00′54″W / 38.866°N 77.015°W / 38.866; -77.015


National War College, taken 2014

The National Defense University includes:

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The NDU Press supports education, research, and outreach as the university's cross-component, professional military, and academic publishing house. Publications include the journals Joint Force Quarterly (JFQ) and PRISM, books such as Strategic Assessment 2020, case studies, policy briefs, and strategic monographs.

List of presidentsEdit

No. President Term Service branch
Portrait Name Took office Left office Term length
1Vice Admiral
Marmaduke G. Bayne
19761977~1 year, 0 days 
U.S. Navy
2Lieutenant General
Robert G. Gard Jr.
(born 1928)
1977July 1981~4 years, 181 days 
U.S. Army
3Lieutenant General
John S. Pustay
(born 1931)
July 1981October 1983~92 days 
U.S. Air Force
4Lieutenant General
Richard D. Lawrence
October 1983September 1986~2 years, 335 days 
U.S. Army
5Lieutenant General
Bradley C. Hosmer
(born 1937)
September 1986September 1989~3 years, 0 days 
U.S. Air Force
6Vice Admiral
John A. Baldwin Jr.
(born 1933)
September 1989August 14, 1992~2 years, 348 days 
U.S. Navy
7Lieutenant General
Paul G. Cerjan
August 14, 1992[4]September 1994~2 years, 18 days 
U.S. Army
8Lieutenant General
Ervin J. Rokke
(born 1939)
September 19941997~2 years, 122 days 
U.S. Air Force
9Lieutenant General
Richard A. Chilcoat
19972000~3 years, 0 days 
U.S. Army
10Vice Admiral
Paul G. Gaffney II
(born 1946)
July 7, 2000July 2, 20032 years, 360 days 
U.S. Navy
11Lieutenant General
Michael M. Dunn
July 2, 2003July 14, 20063 years, 12 days 
U.S. Air Force
12Lieutenant General
Frances C. Wilson
(born 1948)
July 14, 2006July 10, 20092 years, 361 days 
U.S. Marine Corps
13Vice Admiral
Ann E. Rondeau
(born 1951)
July 10, 2009[5]April 13, 2012[6]2 years, 278 days 
U.S. Navy
-Nancy McEldowney
(born 1958)
April 13, 2012July 11, 201289 days 
Senior Executive
14Major General
Gregg F. Martin
(born 1956)
July 11, 2012[7]July 21, 20142 years, 10 days 
U.S. Army
-Wanda Nesbitt
(born 1956)
July 21, 2014November 18, 2014120 days 
Senior Executive
15Major General
Frederick M. Padilla
(born 1959)
November 18, 2014[8]September 25, 20172 years, 311 days 
U.S. Marine Corps
16Vice Admiral
Fritz Roegge
(born 1958)
September 25, 2017February 3, 20213 years, 131 days 
U.S. Navy
17Lieutenant General
Michael T. Plehn
(born 1965)
February 3, 2021Incumbent357 days 
U.S. Air Force

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