National Council of Swedish Women

National Council of Swedish Women (Swedish: "Svenska Kvinnors Nationalförbund") is the Swedish branch of the International Council of Women.

National Council of Swedish Women
Swedish: Svenska Kvinnors Nationalförbund
Legal statusActive
PurposeSupport women's rights
Official language
AffiliationsInternational Council of Women (ICW)

It was founded in 1896 by Ellen Fries to function as an umbrella organisation for women's organisations in Sweden and represent Sweden at the international congresses of the ICW.

  1. 1896-1898: Ellen Anckarsvärd
  2. 1898-1909: Anna Hierta-Retzius
  3. 1909-1920: Eva Upmark
  4. 1920-1927: Bertha Nordenson
  5. 1927-1928: Malin Wester-Hallberg
  6. 1929: Elisif Theel