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National Council of Social Service

The National Council of Social Service (Abbreviation: NCSS) is a statutory board governed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development of the Singapore government.

National Council of Social Service
National Council of Social Service logo.svg
Agency overview
Formed22 December 1958 (1958-12-22)
Preceding agency
  • Singapore Council of Social Service
JurisdictionGovernment of Singapore
Minister responsible
  • Desmond Lee, Minister for Social and Family Development
Deputy Ministers responsible
  • Sam Tan, Minister of State for Social and Family Developement
  • Assoc Prof Mudammad Faishal Ibrahim, Senior Parliamentary Secretary
Agency executives
  • Anita Fam, President of the Board
  • Sim Gim Guan, Chief Executive Officer
Parent MinistryMinistry of Social and Family Development

The organisation is the national coordinating body for Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) in Singapore.

Organisation StrucEdit

NCSS PatronsEdit

Patrol-in-Chief Halimah Yacob, President of Singapore
Patron Desmond Lee, Minister for Social and Family Development
Advisor Tan Chuan-Jin, Speaker of the Parliament of Singapore

NCSS BoardEdit

Board Members (1 Aug 2018 - 31 Jul 2020)
Appointment Name
President Anita Fam
Vice-President Chan Chia Lin
Vice-President Robert Chew
Chairman, Community Chest Phillip Tan
Honorary General Secretary Ooi Chee Kar
Honorary Treasurer Tan Khiaw Kgoh
Member Dr Cheong Choong Kong
Member Chern Siang Jye
Member Cyril Chua
Member Eric Teng
Member Eugene Seow
Member Girija Pande
Member Keith Chua
Member Kevin Gerald Wong
Member Adj Assoc Prof Kevin Lim
Member Latiff bin Ibrahim
Member Adj Assoc Prof Lee Cheng
Member Dr Lee Tung Jean
Member Martin Tan
Member Puvan Ariaratnam
Member Seow Choke Meng
Member Adj Assoc Prof Mariam Aljunied

Executive OfficeEdit

Senior Executive Leaders
Appointment Name
Chief Executive Officer Sim Gim Guan
Deputy Chief Executive Officer Tina Huang
Deputy Chief Executive Officer Dr Fermin Diez

Corporate Development & Communications GroupEdit

Department Directors
Corporate Communications Pearlyn Tseng, Director
  • Brendan Sheares, Senior Assistant Director
  • Felicia Ong, Assistant Director
Corporate Services
  • Administration
  • Info-Communication Systems
  • Knowledge & Risk Management
Bruce Liew, Director
  • Lim Kian Soon, Senior Assistant Director
  • Daphne Koh, Chief Information Officer
    • Susie Chia, Assistant Director (Technical Services)
    • Goh Lee Lee, Assistant Director (Application Services)
  • Esther Ker, Senior Manager
Finance Tan Kok Hoe, Director
  • Allen Wong, Senior Assistant Director
  • Low Jarn May, Assistant Director
  • David Tan Chin Chye, Assistant Director
  • Eric Tiong, Head Investment
Human Resource Low Wan Ve, Director
  • Susan Han, Deputy Director
  • Tan Hiang Tiang, Senior Assistant Director
  • Sai You Zi, Assistant Director
Internal Audit Tan Suan Ee, Head
  • Sharon Lai, Assistant Director
Planning & Organisation Development Low Wan Ve, Director
  • Susan Han, Deputy Director
  • Ramdzan Fikir Midin, Senior Assistant Director

Fund Raising & Engagement GroupEdit

Group Director: Charmaine Leung
Department Directors
Volunteer Resource Optimisation Dr Andrew Lim, Director
  • Cheong Kok Wai, Senior Assistant Director
  • Adrian Chan, Senior Assistant Director
  • Caryl Loh, Assistant Director
Community Chest
  • Relations & Engagement
  • Strategies & Operations
    • Brand & Communications
    • Donor Management
    • Strategic Development & Innovation
Charmaine Leung, Managing Director
  • Priscilla Gan, Director
    • Jacqueline Au Yonh, Deputy Director
    • Eric Tan, Deputy Director
    • Wendy Tan, Senior Assistant Director
  • Rae Lee, Director
    • Jessica Tan, Senior Assistant Director
    • Jasmine Phua, Senior Assistant Director
    • Tan Mei Ling, Senior Assistant Director

Human Capital & Organisation Development GroupEdit

Group Director: Dr Fermin Diez
Department Directors
Pumpkin Squad Cheng Soo Ling, Senior Assistant Director
Sector Manpower and Organisation Development Anjan Ghosh, Director
  • Michelle Chan, Deputy Director
  • Sary Cheong, Senior Assistant Director
  • Sidrah Ahmad, Assistant Director

Social Service Institute
  • Partnership, Community and Solutions
  • Learning Development and Innovation
  • Learning Management and Evaluation
  • Research for Evidence-Based Practice
  • Quality Assurance Unit
Dr Victor Goh, Director
  • Raja Chowdhury, Deputy Director
  • Anthony Mok, Senior Assistant Director
  • Srabanti Ghosh, Assistant Director
  • Kelvin Lua, Assistant Director
Social Service Leadership Unit Yong Siow Yin, Director
  • Joyce Lek, Deputy Director

Sector Strategy GroupEdit

Group Director: Angela Yak
Department Directors Sub Departments Heads
Membership & Strategy Implementation Elaine Loo, Director
  • Lorriane Chue, Deputy Director
Capability & Community Funding Travis Yeo, Senior Assistant Director
Membership & Engagement Hansel Tan, Senior Assistant Director
Strategy Implementation Charles Tan, Assistant Director
Research & Strategy Development Fazlin Abdullah, Director
  • Huang Ganhua, Senior Assistant Director
Sector Research Benjamin Tay, Assistant Director
Strategy Development Lim Woan Yun, Assistant Director

Service Planning & Funding GroupEdit

Group Director: Tina Huang
Department Directors
Fund Allocation Belinda Tan, Director
  • Kang Guo Quan, Assistant Director
  • Lin Weiting, Assistant Director
Pumpkin Lab
  • Marceline Chin, Assistant Director
Service Planning & Standards
  • Children, Youth & Family
  • Mental Health
  • Standards & Impact
  • Caregiver and Eldercare Services
  • Disability
Chan Whee Peng, Director
  • Jeanne Yeo, Assistant Director
  • Tan Yan Tan, Assistant Director
  • Chew Hui Qin, Assistant Director