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National Council for Science and the Environment

The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) is a U.S.-based non-profit organization which has a mission to improve the scientific basis for environmental decision-making. While an advocate for science and its use, NCSE does not take positions on environmental policies.

NCSE specializes in programs that bring together diverse individuals, institutions and communities to collaborate; particularly the many communities creating and using environmental knowledge, including research, education, environmental, and business organizations, as well as governmental bodies at all levels.

NCSE operates programs in five areas:

  1. Science solutions - programs that engage different communities to deploy science for decision-making on specific topics. This includes the National Commission on Science for Sustainable Forestry and the Wildlife Habitat Policy Research Program.
  2. Strengthening education - which includes a University Affiliate Program (~ 160 member schools) with a Council of Environmental Deans and Directors and [1], a high school mentoring program
  3. National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment, a conference begun in 2000 (annual except for 2002)
  4. The Encyclopedia of Earth. NCSE acts as the Secretariat for the Environmental Information Coalition which is building the Encyclopedia of Earth.
  5. Science policy - which aims to build understanding of, and support for, environmental science and its application, and for the programs that make it possible. NCSE played an instrumental role in stimulating a National Science Foundation initiative to triple its annual budget for environmental research, education, and scientific assessment.

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