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The National Comics Awards was a series of awards for comic book titles and creators given out on an annual basis from 1997–2003 for comics published in the United Kingdom the previous year. They were distinguished by the distinctive "Jimmy" statue designed by British cartoonist Mark Buckingham.

National Comics Award
CountryUnited Kingdom
Presented byJonathan Ross and Paul Gambaccini (1997)
Hosted byUnited Kingdom Comic Art Convention (1997–1998)
Comic Festival (1999, 2001–2003)
First awarded1997
Last awarded2003



The Awards were founded in 1997 by comic creators Kev F Sutherland and Buckingham, and first took place at United Kingdom Comic Art Convention (UKCAC) in London, presented by Jonathan Ross and Paul Gambaccini.[1]

In 1998 the Awards took place at the Manchester UKCAC.

The Awards were held at the Bristol Comic Festival in 1999, and from 2001–2003.[2] (There were no National Comics Awards presented in 2000.) After 2003 the major UK comics awards ceremony was the Eagle Awards, until 2012 when they were discontinued.


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Best Writer in Comics Today/NowEdit

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Best Comic (British)Edit

  • 1997: 2000 AD
  • 1998: 2000 AD
  • 1999: 2000 AD

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Best British Comic EverEdit

(voters paid to be able to vote; all proceeds went to charity)

Best Comic in the World EverEdit

(voters paid to be able to vote; all proceeds went to charity)

Best Comic Of The 20th CenturyEdit

(voters paid to be able to vote; all proceeds went to the ChildLine Charity)

  • 1999: The Eagle

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