National Centre Party (Estonia)

The National Centre Party (Estonian: Rahvuslik Keskerakond, RKE) was a political party in Estonia.

National Centre Party

Rahvuslik Keskerakond
FoundedOctober 1931
Merger ofEstonian People's Party
Christian People's Party


The party was established in October 1931 as the United Nationalists Party by a merger of the Estonian People's Party and the Christian People's Party.[1] In January 1932 the Estonian Labour Party joined the merger, with the party becoming the National Centre Party.[1] In February the Landlords' Party also merged into the party.[1]

Between them the four parties held a combined 26 seats in the Riigikogu.[2] In the 1932 elections the new party won only 23 seats, losing to the Union of Settlers and Smallholders,[3] which had recently been established by a merger of the Farmers' Assemblies party and the Settlers' Party.

Along with all others, the party was banned in 1935 following Konstantin Päts's self-coup.[4]

With the return of democracy, two former RKE members were elected to the Riigikogu in the 1938 elections.[3]


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