National Bank of Rwanda

The National Bank of Rwanda (Kinyarwanda: Banki Nkuru Y'u Rwanda, French: Banque Nationale du Rwanda) is the central bank of Rwanda. The bank was founded in 1964.[3] The current governor of the bank is John Rwangombwa.[4]

National Bank of Rwanda
Banki Nkuru Y'u Rwanda
Banque Nationale du Rwanda
HeadquartersKN6 Avenue
Kigali, Rwanda
Ownership100% state ownership[1]
GovernorJohn Rwangombwa
Central bank ofRwanda
CurrencyRwanda franc
RWF (ISO 4217)
ReservesUS$1.9 billion (July 2022)[2]

Location edit

It is quartered at the National Bank of Rwanda Building, on KN6 Avenue in the central business district of Kigali, the capital and largest city in Rwanda.[5] The coordinates of the bank's headquarters are 01°56'56.0"S, 30°03'49.0"E (Latitude:-1.948889; Longitude:30.063611).[6]

Overview edit

The Bank is active in promoting financial inclusion policy and is a leading member of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion. It is also one of the original 17 regulatory institutions to make specific national commitments to financial inclusion under the Maya Declaration during the 2011 Global Policy Forum held in Mexico.[7]

Governors edit

Governors of the National Bank of Rwanda[8]

History edit

The central bank, whose name is abbreviated to "BNR", evolved step by step:[3]

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