Bangladesh National Awami Party

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The Bangladesh National Awami Party, or National Awami Party (Muzaffar), is a left wing political party in Bangladesh.[1][2]

NAP(Muzaffar) banner


National Awami Party (Muzaffar) traces its origin to a split of the National Awami Party into two factions, one pro-China and one pro-Moscow. The pro-Moscow fraction was National Awami Party (Wali), led by Khan Abdul Wali Khan, and the pro-China was called National Awami Party (Bhashani), led by Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani. Muzaffar Ahmed was a leader of the National Awami Party (Wali) in East Pakistan. After the Independence of Bangladesh in 1971, the East Pakistan branch of National Awami Party (Wali) became an independent party; the National Awami Party (Muzaffar).[3]

The party participated in the Bangladesh Liberation War, through the NAP-CPB-Chhatra Union Guerrilla Bahini.[4] Muzaffar was an organizer of the guerrilla force.[4]

Electoral registryEdit

The party is registered with the Bangladesh Election Commission as "Bangladesh National Awami Party", and its election symbol is a house.[5] The central party office is located in Dhanmondi Hawkers Market, Dhaka.[5]


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