National Association for Self-Esteem

The National Association for Self-Esteem (NASE) is an American organization devoted to promoting the importance of self-esteem. The organization describes its purpose as "to fully integrate self-esteem into the fabric of American society so that every individual, no matter what their age or background, experiences personal worth and happiness."[1] It was founded in 1986 as the National Council for Self-Esteem.[2]


In 1986, with sponsorship by State Assemblyman John Vasconcellos, the state of California created the California Task Force to Promote Self-Esteem and Personal and Social Responsibility. The Task Force completed a report and was subsequently disbanded, but the creation of the National Council for Self-Esteem was motivated by its work.[2]

Organization and membershipEdit

NASE is organized into chapters. At one time the organization had 66 chapters in 29 different states.[3]

Members over the years have included:


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