National Assembly Building of Belize

The National Assembly Building of Belize is the home of Belize's two houses of Parliament, House of Representatives (lower house) and Senate of Belize.

National Assembly Building
Belmopan National Assembly Building at Independence Plaza
General information
Architectural stylePre-Columbian Mayan
Town or cityBelmopan, Belize
Coordinates17°15′04″N 88°46′23″W / 17.2512°N 88.7730°W / 17.2512; -88.7730
ClientNational Assembly of Belize
OwnerGovernment of Belize

Opened on October 9, 1971, the building is within a complex of government buildings at Melhado Parade on Independence Plaza in Belmopan and mimics Pre-Columbian Mayan[1] and Brutalist architectural designs. The Building is flanked by two three storey buildings that houses offices.

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