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Nathan Edmondson is an American comic book writer, best known for his creator-owned series Who is Jake Ellis?, published by Image Comics, as well as the runs on The Punisher and Black Widow for Marvel Comics.

Nathan Edmondson
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BornAugusta, Georgia, U.S.
Notable works
Who is Jake Ellis?
The Punisher
Black Widow

Edmondson is the co-founder of Eco Defense Group, a non-profit organization training frontline park rangers throughout Africa,[1][2] and Archon Ready Group, a company offering firearm training courses in the United States.[3]

Early lifeEdit

Edmondson is a native of Augusta, Georgia.[4] He graduated from Mercer University's College of Liberal Arts in 2010 with degrees in art and art history.[5][2]


Edmondson in Africa

After working as a director of International Programs at the Leadership Institute,[4][6] Edmondson entered the comics industry with Olympus, a 4-issue Image Comics mini-series illustrated by Christian Ward.[5][7] He followed up with two 5-issue mini-series, again published by Image Comics, The Light with art by Brett Weldele[8][9] and Who is Jake Ellis? with art by Tonči Zonjić.[10] Edmondson's longest work at Image was The Activity, a series about the United States Army Intelligence Support Activity that was born out of his love for the TV series The Unit, the Mission: Impossible film series and military films like Black Hawk Down, as well as the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare video game series.[11] While researching and writing the series, Edmondson consulted with various military personnel.[12][13]

As part of DC Comics' 2011 initiative The New 52, Edmondson scripted Grifter, introducing the eponymous Wildstorm character into the DC Universe.[14] In 2012, he penned the 4-issue Iron Man series for Marvel's Ultimate Comics imprint,[15] following up with main continuity runs on The Punisher with his The Activity collaborator Mitch Gerads[16] and Black Widow with Phil Noto.[17][18] Edmondson's latest work at Marvel and his last work in comics to date was Red Wolf.

In 2013, Who is Jake Ellis? was optioned by 20th Century Fox as a project for director David Yates,[19] with Seth Lochhead set to pen the script.[20] In August 2016, Josh Mond was announced as the new diretor for the adaptation.[21]

In 2015, Paramount Pictures optioned The Activity with Ken Nolan, the writer of Black Hawk Down, attached as the screenwriter.[22] That same year, Edmondson appeared in an acting role in season 5 episode 14 of the TV series Rizzoli & Isles.[23]

In 2016, Variety announced that Edmondson was scripting a pilot for the Gold Standard Media series Prodigal.[24]

In 2017, Edmondson co-founded Eco Defense Group, a 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on counter-poaching and wildlife conservation in southern Africa.[25][26]

Personal lifeEdit

Edmondson lives outside Park City, Utah[27] with his wife and two children.[28]


Image ComicsEdit

  • Olympus (with Christian Ward):
    • Popgun Volume 3: "They Say..." (anthology graphic novel, 472 pages, 2009, ISBN 1-58240-974-9)
    • Olympus #1–4 (2009) collected as Olympus (tpb, 128 pages, 2009, ISBN 1-60706-178-3)
  • The Light #1–5 (with Brett Weldele, 2010) collected as The Light (tpb, 140 pages, 2010, ISBN 1-60706-345-X)
  • Jake Ellis (with Tonči Zonjić):
    • Who is Jake Ellis? #1–5 (2011) collected as Who is Jake Ellis? (tpb, 136 pages, 2011, ISBN 1-60706-459-6)
    • Where is Jake Ellis? #1–5 (with additional art by Jordan Gibson (#4–5), 2012–2015) collected as Where is Jake Ellis? (tpb, 124 pages, 2015, ISBN 1-60706-744-7)
  • The Activity (with Mitch Gerads and Marc Laming (#6 and 12), 2011–2014) collected as:
  • Dancer #1–5 (with Nic Klein, 2012) collected as Dancer (tpb, 132 pages, 2012, ISBN 1-60706-627-0)
  • The Dream Merchant #1–6 (with Konstantin Novosadov and Anthony Hope-Smith (#4–6), 2013–2014) collected as The Dream Merchant (tpb, 144 pages, 2015, ISBN 1-63215-436-6)
  • Genesis (with Alison Sampson, graphic novel, 64 pages, 2014, ISBN 1-60706-995-4)

Marvel ComicsEdit

Other publishersEdit


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