Natasha Wanganeen

Natasha Wanganeen (b. June 20, 1984) is an indigenous Australian actor from Point Pearce, South Australia.[1] She starred in Rabbit Proof Fence (2002) at the age of fifteen[2] and as an adult in Cargo (2017)[3] and A Second Chance: Rivals (2019).[4] She won an AFI Young Actor's Award for her role in the film Jessica (2004).[5] In 2017 she played the role of Gilyagan in Kate Grenville's play The Secret River presented during the Adelaide Festival, and played a different role in the two-part TV series of the same name. She lives in Port Adelaide and is related to the Australian rules footballer, Gavin Wanganeen.[6] In 2018, Wanganeen advocated for greater cultural diversity in Australian screen culture, saying "There are not enough black faces on our screens and talking about it is a constructive conversation that we need to have."[7] She expressed her pleasure at the portrayal of Aboriginal people in Cargo (2017) as "living free and strong on the land".[8]


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