Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith (born 23 March 1975) is an Australian Paralympic shooter. At the 2012 Summer Paralympics, she won a bronze medal. She also represented Australia at the 2016 Rio Paralympics and the 2020 Summer Paralympics.[1][2]

Natalie Smith
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2016 Australian Paralympic team portrait
Personal information
Born (1975-04-23) 23 April 1975 (age 46)


Smith was born on 23 March 1975.[3] She was originally from Fitzgibbon, Queensland.[4] When she was 34 years old, she had an accident while hiking that left her a paraplegic.[3][5] Prior to her accident, she was a skydiver and equestrian rider.[5] She is married to Stuart and in 2014 she gave birth to a son Daniel.[6]

Shooting is a family sport, as her grandfather is Norman Lutz who was supposed to represent Australia at the 1956 Summer Olympics but ultimately missed the Games because of a heart attack.[5] She lives in Brisbane and works as a nurse.[6]


Smith competing at the 2012 London Paralympics

Smith is an SH1 classified shooter competing in 10m Air Rifle Prone and 10m Air Rifle Standing events.[3][7]

Smith started competitive shooting in 2010 following an Australian Paralympic Committee talent search.[3] She made the Australian Paralympic shooting shadow team in 2011.[8] At the 2011 IPC World Cup meet in Fort Benning, she won a gold medal in the SH1 standing air rifle event.[3] In the process, she set an Australian record.[5]

She was selected to represent Australia at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in shooting.[3][7][9] The Games were her first.[4] There she participated in the Women's 10 m Air Rifle standing SH1 and Mixed 10 m Air Rifle prone SH1 – winning a bronze in the 10 m Air Rifle standing.[10]

In November 2015 at the International Paralympic Committee World Cup in Fort Benning, United States, she won the gold medal in the R8 SH1 3 Position rifle event and set a new Australian record of 576 in qualification.[11]

In 2015, she has a scholarship with the Queensland Academy of Sport.[12]

In the 2016 Rio Paralympics she represented Australia in four rifle events although did not win a medal, her best result was 5th overall in the Women's R2-10m Air Rifle Standing - SH1.[13]

At the 2020 Summer Paralympics, she finished 19th in Women's 10m Air Rifle Standing SH1 and 46th Mixed R3-10 m Air Rifle Prone SH1.

She has held a scholarship with the Queensland Academy of Sport.[12]


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