Nasir al-Din Shahriyar

Nasir al-Din Shahriyar was the Baduspanid ruler (ustandar) of Rustamdar from 1317 to 1325. He was the brother and successor of Shams al-Muluk Muhammad.[1]

During his reign, Shahriyar cut all contact with the Mongol Ilkhanate, and supported his brother-in-law, the Bavandid ruler Shah-Kaykhusraw (r. 1310–1328) against the Mongol commander Mu'min and his son Kutlushah, and the powerful Kiya Jalali family of Sari. Shahriyar was murdered in 1325 by his nephew Iskandar at the instigation of brother Taj al-Dawla Ziyar, who took the throne.[1]


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Preceded by
Shams al-Muluk Muhammad
Ustandar of the Baduspanids
Succeeded by
Taj al-Dawla Ziyar