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Nashad (Urdu: ناشاد ‎), (11 July 1923 – 14 January 1981) was a film composer and music director of Indian and Pakistani film industry. He composed music for Hindi films in the 1940s and 1950s, credited under the names Nashad or Shaukat Haideri and then migrated to Pakistan in 1964.

Naushad hashmi Nashad ناشاد
Died14 January 1981(1981-01-14) (aged 57)[1]
GenresContemporary instrumental
Occupation(s)Film Composer, film music director
Years active1947–1981


Early life and careerEdit

Nashad Ali Shoukat was born in Delhi, British India, in 1923. He received his early academic education in a local high school in Delhi. He learned to play the flute. He moved to Bombay in the early 1940s. He composed under several names before finally settling for Nashad. He made his music debut under the name Shaukat Dehalvi in the 1947 action film Dildaar. The director was Shiv Raj, and it had lyrics by C.M. Muneer. The cast consisted of Sagina, Yashonat, Dev Radha and Deepak. He composed as Shaukat Ali for the 1948 film Jeene Do. Made under the banner of J. Hind Chitra, its director was A. F. Keeka and K. A. Majeed, and the cast included Monica Devi, Panalal, Harish, Ratan Piya, Laila Gupta and Shanta Kanwar. He used his real name Shaukat Ali to compose for the 1948 film Payal.

In 1948, he also composed songs for film Toote Taare (1948) as Shaukat Dehalvi. Released under the banner of Sheikh Mukhtar's film production unit called "Omar Khayyam films", the director was Harish, and the cast included Shamim Banu and Motilal. In this film, he composed Mughal Empereor Bahadur Shah Zafar's famous ghazal "Na Kisi Ki Aankh Ka Noor Hoon" which became very popular throughout India. In 1949, he composed music for actor-director Yakub's film, Aiye. The film starred Yaqub and Sulochna Chatterji. In 1949, Nashad using the name Shaukat Ali Haideri composed songs for the film "Dada". The director was Harish, and it was released under the banner of "Omar Khayyam films", the cast included Sheikh Mukhtar, Begum Para, Munawwar Sultana, Shyam, Murad, Mukri, and Gullu. It was released in Jubilee cinema, Karachi. In 1953, film director, Nakshab Jarachavi, changed Shaukat Ali's name to Nashad, which he retained for the rest of his life. The story behind the name change has been written in the book "Naushad: Zarra Jo Aaftaab Bana" (Penguin). The director initially approached Naushad Ali for composing the music for his film. When Naushad Ali refused, the irate director Nakshab Jarchavi then changed Shaukat Ali's name to Nashad, to make it sound like Naushad. Nashad composed for Jarachavi's 1953 film Naghma, starring Nadira and Ashok Kumar.[2]


In IndiaEdit

Nashad's films in India include:[2]

  • Dildaar (1947)
  • Toote Taare (1948)
  • Suhagi (1948)
  • Jeene Do (1948)
  • Dada (1949)
  • Aiye (1949)[2]
  • Ram Bharose (1951)
  • Gazab (1951)
  • Naghma (1953)[2]
  • Chaar Chand (1953) cast: Shyama and Suresh
  • Darwaza(1954) director: Shahid Lateef, husband of writer Ismat Chughtai, cast: Shyama, Chandrashekhar. He introduced singer Suman Kalyanpur for the first time in this film.
  • Shahzada (1955)
  • Subse Bada Rupaiya (1955) director: P. L. Santoshi, cast: Shashi Kala and Sundar, music: Nashad and O. P. Nayyar.
  • Shehzada (1955), director: Mohan Sinha, cast: Sheela Ramani and Ajit, music: Nashad and S. Mohinder. ‘Jawab’.
  • Baradari (film) (1955), director: K. Amarnath, lyrics: Khumar Barabanki, cast: Geeta Bali, Ajith, Chandrashekhar and Pran.[2] This film had some hit songs "Bhula Nahin Dena Ji Bhula Nahin Dena, Zamana Kharab Hai, Bhula Nahin Dena" by Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammed Rafi, and "Tasveer Banata Hoon Tasveer Nahin Banti" by Talat Mehmood. Nashad himself sang a song in this film.
  • Awara Shehzadi, Director, Pyarelal, cast: Meena Shori and Diljeet, music: Nashad and Jimmi.
  • Jallad (1956) cast: Veena, Munawwar Sultana and Nasir Khan.
  • Bada Bhai (1957) cast: Kamini Kaushal and Ajit.
  • Zindagi Ya Toofan (1958) cast: Nutan and Pradeep Kumar.[2]
  • Mehfil cast: Rehana and Diljeet.
  • Hathkari (1958) cast: Shakila and Moti Lal.
  • Zara Bachh Ke (1958) cast: Nanda and Suresh.
  • Qatil (1960) cast: Chitra and Prem Nath.[2]
  • Flight To Assam (1961) cast: Shakila and Ranjan.
  • Pyar Ki Dastaan (1961) cast: Anita Guha and Suresh Kumar.
  • Rooplekha (1962) cast: Wajeeh Chaudhari and Mahipal.
  • Maya Mahal (1963) cast: Helen and Mahipal
  • Main Hoon Jadugar (1965)
  • Flying man (1965) Nashad's last film in India as a music composer.

In PakistanEdit

He migrated to Pakistan and debuted as a composer in the 2018 film Maikhana, directed by Nakhshab Jarachavi, its scriptwriter was Agha Nasir.

Nashad had worked with Master Ghulam Haider, Nisar Bazmi, Naushad early in his film career as their assistant to learn from them. He is given credit for first introducing Runa Laila to the Pakistani film industry from Karachi.[3]

Popular songsEdit

Some of the songs he composed, as an independent music director, are listed below:

  • "Phir Subah Hogi" sung by Masood Rana from the 1966 film Phir Subah Hogi
  • "Pyar Hota Nahi Zindagi Ke" sung by Runa Laila from the 1966 film Phir Subah Hogi
  • "Daiya Re Daiya Re Kaanta Chubhah" a duet by Runa Laila and Masood Rana from the 1966 film Phir Subah Hogi
  • "Chali Ho Chali Ho Tum Kahan Dilruba" a duet by Runa Laila and Ahmed Rushdi from the 1966 film Hum Dono
  • "Unki Nazron Se Muhabbat Ka Jo Paigham Mila" sung by Runa Laila from the 1966 film Hum Dono
  • "Marna Bhi Nahi Aata" sung by Runa Laila from the 1966 film Hum Dono
  • "Masoom Sa Chehra Hai Hum Jis Kay Hain Deewane" Singers Ahmed Rushdi & Runa Laila.
  • "Zakhm-e-dil Chhupa Ke Royein Ge, Tujh Ko Aazma Kay Royein Ge". Singer, Naseem Begum, the film Rishta hai pyar ka (1967)
  • "Bari Meherbani, Bari Hai Inayat" Singer Masood Rana, film Rishta hai pyar ka (1967)[3]
  • "Lay Aayee Phir Kahan Per Qismat Hamay Kahan Se.' Singer Noor Jehan, director Qamar Zaidi's film Salgira (1969)
  • "Lazzat-e-souz-e-jigar Pooch Lay Parwane Se" Duet by Ahmed Rushdi and Runa Laila, music by Nashad, film Salgira (1969)
  • "Tere Wade Se Meri Zindagi Saji" Duet, Ahmed RushdiIrene Perveen
  • "Gori Ke Sar pe Saj Ke, Sehray Ke Phool Kahenge" Singer, Ahmed Rushdi. Director Iqbal Yusuf's 1969 film Tum Mile Pyar Mila (1969)
  • "Aap Ko Bhool Jaayein Hum Itne Toh Bewafa Naheen" Singers Mehdi Hassan& Noor Jehan, film Tum mile pyar mila (1969)
  • "Mujhe kar dain na deewana tere andaz mastana" Sung by Mehdi Hassan, lyrics by Taslim Fazli, film "Naya Raasta (1973)"
  • "Aisa pyaar karne wala meri jaan tujhe dhoonde na mile ga" Sung by Mehdi Hassan, lyrics by Masroor Anwar, film "Milan" (1978)
  • "Woh kehtay thay hum se mulaqaat karo" Sung by Afshan, lyrics by Taslim Fazli, Film Naya Rasta (1973)

Personal lifeEdit

He married an Indian Muslim woman when he was living there. He had eight sons and seven daughters. His oldest son, Wajid Ali Nashad, was a music composer in Pakistan who died in 2008. His son Shahid Ali Nashad is a composer. Akbar Ali Nashad is also a composer and arranger. His other son, Imran Ali Nashad is a singer. Arshad Ali Nashad moved to the United States. Ahmad Ali Nashad is a cricketer. Ajmal Ali Nashad is a 'supervisor' in some company. Singer Ameer Ali (Choorian 1998 Film Fame) is also a son of Shaukat Ali Nashad. He is a film playback singer. He has performed in many live shows on stage also. Lately, Ameer Ali Nashad has made his own Audio Studio. His super-hit film song is 'Karan Mein Nazara Jadon Ohdi Tasweer Da' in film Choorian (1998 film).

Nashad died in January 1981 at 57 years of age after composing film music for over 60 films.[1]

Notable filmsEdit

  • Naghma (1953)
  • Bara Dari (1955)
  • Zindagi Ya Toofan (1958)
  • Maikhana (1964)[4]
  • Phir Subah Hogi (1966)
  • Hum Dono (1966)
  • Rishta Hai Pyar Ka (1967)[3]
  • Tum Mile Pyar Mila (1969)
  • Salgira (1969)
  • Chand Suraj (1970)
  • Sapera (1970)
  • Afshan (1971)
  • Rim Jhim (1971)
  • Baharo Phool Barsao (1972)
  • Ek Raat (1972)
  • Azmat (1973)
  • Insaan aur Gadha (1973)
  • Naya Rasta(1973)
  • Deedar (1974)
  • Zeenat (1975)
  • Palki (1975)
  • Milan (1978)[5]

Awards and recognitionEdit


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