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Nash is a media brand owned by Cumulus Media. It covers country music-related properties owned by Cumulus, including radio stations, digital properties and publications (Nash Country Daily), Nash TV (a video on-demand service operated in partnership with Music Choice),[1] concerts promoted by Nash FM stations (Nash Bash), and associated programming syndicated by Westwood One—including The Ty Bentli Show (formerly Ty, Kelly & Chuck and America's Morning Show), Nash Nights Live with Shawn Parr (heard evenings) and The Blair Garner Show (heard overnight). The Lia Show, which has been separately syndicated by Westwood One in the evening hours, will replace Garner in August 2020. Its name comes from Nashville, Tennessee, the center of the commercial country music industry in the United States, which in turn was named for colonial-era politician and Continental Army General Francis Nash.

The brand launched in 2013 with the launch of WNSH in New York City, and has since been adopted by other Cumulus-owned stations carrying country music (typically hot country formats with a focus on current hits and acoustic-leaning pop crossovers),[2] although those with heritage brands have not always switched to the Nash FM branding (but may still carry programming associated with it).

A sub-brand, Nash Icon, covers radio stations and a record label oriented towards acts associated with the 1990s and early 2000s.

List of Nash FM-branded stationsEdit

Callsign MHz City Market Start date Former name Notes
WKAK 104.5 Albany, Georgia Albany, Georgia May 24, 2013[3] "K-Country 104"
KHKI 97.3 Des Moines, Iowa Des Moines, Iowa May 24, 2013[3] "97.3 The Hawk"[3]
WLXX 92.9 Lexington, Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky May 24, 2013[3] "92.9 WLXX"
WPKR 99.5 Omro, Wisconsin Green Bay, Wisconsin[3] May 24, 2013[3] "99.5 & 104.9 The Wolf"[3]
WHKR 102.7 Rockledge, Florida Melbourne, Florida[4] July 3, 2013[4] "102.7 The Hit Kicker"[4]
WSJR 93.7 Dallas, Pennsylvania Scranton, Pennsylvania [4] July 3, 2013[4] "Great Country 93.7"[4] ("JR 93.7" before that)
WMDH-FM 102.5 New Castle, Indiana Muncie, Indiana[5] September 6, 2013[5] "Hit Country 102.5 WMDH"[5]
KXKC 99.1 New Iberia, Louisiana Lafayette, Louisiana[5] September 6, 2013[5] "New Country 99.1 KXKC"
WLFF 106.5 Georgetown, South Carolina Grand Strand / Myrtle Beach, South Carolina September 6, 2013[5] "106.5 The Coyote"
KBBM 100.1 Jefferson City, Missouri Columbia, Missouri October 7, 2013 "Sports Radio 100.1 The Fan" Formerly sports talk
WYZB 105.5 Mary Esther, Florida Fort Walton Beach, Florida February 3, 2014[6] "105.5 The Wolf"[6]
WFBE 95.1 Flint, Michigan Flint, Michigan February 3, 2014[6] "B95.1"[6]
WKOR-FM 94.9 Columbus, Mississippi Columbus, Mississippi February 3, 2014[6] "K-94.9"[6]
WXTA 97.9 Edinboro, Pennsylvania Erie, Pennsylvania February 3, 2014[6] "Country 98"[6]
KNSH 100.7 Fort Smith, Arkansas Fort Smith, Arkansas October 31, 2016 "100.7 Nash Icon"[7]
WZCY-FM 93.5 Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Harrisburg, Pennsylvania March 15, 2018 "Hot 93.5"[8]

Former "Nash FM" stationsEdit

Nash IconEdit

In May 2014, Westwood One announced a spin-off of the Nash brand known as Nash Icon (previously announced as Nash Icons). The Nash Icon brand encompasses radio stations, content, and events oriented towards the "biggest country artists of the last two decades, who are still recording and touring but not getting enough exposure today"; Westwood One CEO Lew Dickey felt that there was not yet a "middle ground" between modern and classic country similarly to that of the Adult contemporary format (which lies between Contemporary hit radio and classic hits).[36] The first Nash Icon stations were launched at 12:00 p.m. ET on August 15, 2014 with the flips of W255CJ in Atlanta and WZAT in Savannah, Georgia, followed by a number of other Westwood One stations throughout the day.[37][38] In January 2015, Westwood One began to syndicate Nash Icon to non-Westwood One stations.[39]

The Nash Icon brand also includes a vanity label for veteran country artists operated in partnership with Big Machine Records.[36] On October 21, 2014, it was announced that Reba McEntire would be the first artist to be part of the label. Shortly after McEntire's announcement, Ronnie Dunn began to tease that he would be the next artist to sign. Dunn officially confirmed on December 1, 2014 that he was indeed the second artist to sign with the label.[40] Martina McBride announced that she had signed with the label on December 29, 2014. On April 29, 2015, Hank Williams Jr announced that he had signed with the label.

The airstaff of Nashville's WSM-FM serves as the network's 24/7 airstaff, although individual stations reserve the right to use local personalities. Some Nash Icon stations also carry Westwood One's "Ty, Kelly, and Chuck" morning show, which primarily serves Nash FM stations.

List of Cumulus-owned Nash Icon stationsEdit

Callsign MHz City Market Start date Former name Notes
WSM-FM 95.5 Nashville, Tennessee Nashville, Tennessee August 15, 2014 "95.5 WSM-FM" Serves as the nominal flagship station, although its programming is locally focused and differs slightly from all other stations on the network; WSM-FM airstaff serves as network airstaff
WJBC-FM 93.7 Pontiac, Illinois Bloomington-Normal, Illinois August 15, 2014 1230 AM/93.7 FM, WJBC Was previously a simulcast of News/Talk WJBC.
KQLK 97.9 De Ridder, Louisiana Lake Charles, Louisiana August 15, 2014 “Hot 97.9” Was Top 40 (CHR)
WDRQ-HD2 93.1 Detroit, Michigan Detroit, Michigan August 15, 2014 "93-1 DRQ" Was Rhythmic Hot AC
WMIM 98.3 Luna Pier, Michigan Monroe, Michigan-Toledo, Ohio October 3, 2014 "My 98.3 WMIM" Was Adult Contemporary
WORC-FM 98.9 Webster, Massachusetts Worcester, Massachusetts October 31, 2014 "98.9 ORC-FM" Was Classic Hits
WOGT 107.9 East Ridge, Tennessee Chattanooga, Tennessee October 31, 2014 "107.9 Big FM" Was Classic Hits
WWFF-FM 93.3 New Market, Alabama Huntsville, Alabama November 14, 2014[41] "Journey 93.3" Was 1980s & '90s Hits
WKOS 104.9 Kingsport, Tennessee Tri-Cities, Tennessee / Virginia April 24, 2015 104.9 Nash FM Flipped from Nash FM to the Nash Icon format.[42] The station also maintained a country music format known as "Great Country 104.9" before that.[43]
KTOP-FM 102.9 St. Marys, Kansas Topeka, Kansas December 22, 2015 "102.9 Nash FM" Flipped from Nash FM to the Nash Icon format.[44]
KAMO 94.3 Rogers, Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas July 3, 2016 "94.3 Nash FM" Flipped from Nash FM to Nash Icon[45]
KARX 107.1 Canyon, Texas Amarillo, Texas January 15, 2018 "95.7 Nash Icon" Switched frequencies with 95.7 as 107.1 Nash Icon[46]
WRKN 106.1 Picayune, Mississippi New Orleans, Louisiana November 8, 2018 "106.1 Nash FM" Dropped Nash FM branding to Nash Icon.[47]
WLAW 97.5 Whitehall, Michigan Muskegon, Michigan April 1, 2019 "Sunny FM" Switched frequencies with sister WLAW on 92.5 to 97.5 as 97.5 Nash Icon.[48]

List of non-Cumulus-owned Nash Icon stationsEdit

Callsign MHz City Market Start date Former name Notes
WHHT 103.7 Cave City, Kentucky Bowling Green, Kentucky February 20, 2015[49] "HOWDY 103.7"
WKMO 99.3 Lebanon Junction, Kentucky Lebanon Junction, Kentucky February 20, 2015 "KMO 99.3"
WYRY 104.9 Hinsdale, New Hampshire Hinsdale, New Hampshire August 3, 2015 "Hot Country 104.9"
WXKU-FM 92.7 Austin, Indiana Austin, Indiana September 15, 2015 "Kix 92.7"
KGIL 98.5 Ridgecrest, California Ridgecrest, California February 18, 2016 "98.5 Nash Icon"
KORL-FM 107.5 Waianae, Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii January 1, 2017 "KPOP 107.5"
WWKY-FM 104.9 Providence, Kentucky Providence, Kentucky April 2, 2017 "104.9 The Wave"
WABH 1380 Bath, New York Elmira-Corning/Hornell unknown "1380/100.3 WABH"
WHLL 1450 Springfield, Massachusetts Springfield, Massachusetts December 27, 2018 "1450 The Hall" Flipped from Sports to Country as Nash Icon.[50] The station is now operated by Entercom since March 1, 2019.[51]

Former "Nash Icon" stationsEdit

  • K273BZ/KCMO-HD2-Kansas City, Missouri. Joined the network on its August 15, 2014 debut. Flipped to alternative rock on November 2, 2015.
  • W255CJ/WWWQ-HD2-Atlanta, Georgia. Joined the network on its August 15, 2014 debut as the first station to join. Flipped to Christmas music on November 23, 2015. The station then changed to a mainstream adult contemporary format on December 26, 2015, then flipped back to an alternative rock format on January 1, 2016.
  • WRYD-Snow Hill, Maryland/Delmarva Peninsula. Became the first non-Cumulus owned station when it became syndicated by Westwood One. Flipped to a current-based country format a few months later, then gospel music on October 5, 2015.
  • WZRR-Birmingham, Alabama. Joined the network on its August 15, 2014 debut. Flipped to Southern Rock/Country on May 20, 2016, then flipped to News/Talk on May 24, 2016.[52]
  • KRRF-Ventura, California. Joined the network on its August 15, 2014 debut. Flipped to classic hip hop on May 27, 2016.[53]
  • WOMG-Columbia, South Carolina. Flipped to classic hits on July 1, 2016.[54]
  • KRMW-Fayetteville, Arkansas. Joined the network on its August 15, 2014 debut. Flipped to Adult Alternative on July 15, 2016. Nash Icon was moved to sister station KAMO.[55]
  • KLSZ-FM-Fort Smith, Arkansas. Joined the network on its August 15, 2014 debut. Flipped to Nash FM brand on October 31, 2016.[56]
  • WELJ-New London, Connecticut. Bought by Bold Broadcasting and flipped to Christmas music on November 1, 2016.[57]
  • WUVA-Charlottesville, Virginia. Joined the network on September 18, 2015. Rebranded as C-Ville Country 92.7 on March 1, 2017 after WUVA is currently being sold to Saga Communications on Jan 2017.[58]
  • WZAT-Savannah, Georgia. Joined the network on its August 15, 2014 debut. Flipped to Hot AC on March 24, 2017.[59]
  • WCKR-Hornell, New York. Flipped to Hot AC on May 1, 2017 as "Fun 92.1."
  • W237DE-Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Flipped back to sports as "CBS Sports Harrisburg" during Spring 2017.
  • KARX-Claude, Texas. Joined on February 9, 2016. Flipped to Texas Red Dirt Country as "Texas Country 95.7, The Armadillo" on January 15, 2018.
  • WVLK-Lexington, Kentucky. Flipped to Adult Hits as 101.5 Jack FM on February 20, 2018.[60]
  • WKCM-Hawesville, Kentucky. Dropped the National Nash Icon Format and switched to localized music on August 1, 2018.
  • KJJY-Des Moines, Iowa. Joined the network on its August 15, 2014 debut. Quietly flipped back to its former branding "92.5 KJJY" on May 28, 2019.
  • WNUQ-Albany, Georgia. Joined the network on its August 15, 2014 debut. Dropped Nash Icon on November 27, 2019 due to the sale closing to Pretoria Fields Collective Media from The Mainstay Station Trust. The station was rebranded as "Q102, The Queen Bee" and a new format was launched on January 27, 2020. The call letters were also changed to WPFQ.
  • KBZU-Albuquerque, New Mexico. Joined the network on its August 15, 2014 debut. Flipped to a simulcast to sister station KKOB (AM) on January 6, 2020.[61]
  • WLAW-Newaygo, Michigan. Switched frequencies with sister WWSN to 92.5 as "Sunny 92.5".[62]

Critical receptionEdit

While there has been some good feedback on the launching of the Nash FM brand, it was a different story involving the Nash Icons' launching. In a commentary from Radio Insight, Lance Venta notes that Nash Icon's soft launch did not generate the attention that Nash FM got, adding that the stations that flipped to the format are in markets with more than 2 Country outlets (or in the case of Kansas City, 3 and Toledo, Ohio, 4) that have better ratings and more established, while others (like KQLK at Lake Charles, Louisiana) flipped from a format that had good ratings in order to cut into the ratings of a competitor (KNGT) and to protect a sister Country station (KYKZ). Venta later stated "Does this mean Nash Icon is destined for failure? Not at all. Cumulus is putting resources behind the Nash and Nash Icon brands that puts other formats to shame. This launch though has felt disjointed, rushed, and not what Cumulus and Big Machine first hyped it to be. Once the brand is fleshed out and additional features/shows are added, there could easily be additional demand for a brand to acts as the Adult Contemporary equivalent for Country listeners in a world where many of the format’s stations are evolving towards a CHR styling."[63]


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