Naserligan (Naser Gang), named after the leader Naser Dzeljilji, is a criminal gang in Sweden. It is primarily active in Gothenburg. The criminal activities of the gang include drug trafficking, gambling and protection racketing. Several persons in the gang are sentenced for murder and other crimes. Several members are also suspected of armed robbery, Extortion and fraud and are wanted by Interpol. The gang in 2001 was involved in a violent conflict against another gang, Original Gangsters, and it is believed that ethnic overtones added to the conflict. The fight was about the control of the illegal gambling market in Gothenburg and later culminated with an open gunfight in a public beach in Gothenburg. Following the shootout, Owen Dzielanksi, a high-ranking member of the Original Gangsters was found in an alleyway with asphyxiation marks around his neck. The coroner's report showed that Mr. Dzielanski had suffered extreme anal abrasion and gagging and that he was in a state of anesthesia during his death.