Narva PSK (Estonian: Narva Paemurru Spordikool) is an ice hockey team located in Narva, Estonia, which plays in the Coolbet Hokiliiga, the top tier of ice hockey in Estonia. They play home games at the Narva Ice Hall.

Narva PSK
Narva PSK logo.png
CityNarva, Estonia
LeagueCoolbet Hokiliiga
Founded2011 (2011)[1]
Home arenaNarva Jäähall
(capacity: 1500[2])
Head coachRussia Ilja Iljin
WebsiteNarva PSK


Narva PSK were founded in 2003,[1] following the dissolution of the previous Narva-based hockey team, Narva 2000 (formerly known as Narva Kreenholm). Since their inception, Narva PSK have been a member of the Meistriliiga, and won the league twice, in both 2016 and 2017. As a result of winning the league in 2017, Narva PSK took place in the 2017–18 IIHF Continental Cup, where they were in the same group as HC Donbass of Ukraine, Polish side GKS Tychy and Latvian outfit HK Kurbads. Narva would ultimately lose all of their games.[3]

Narva PSK were originally scheduled to be part of the inaugural Baltic Hockey League, however they were unable to participate as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequently HC Everest took their place.[4][5]


Updated January 22, 2021.[6]

Number Player Catches Acquired Place of Birth
30   Alexander Kolossov L 2018 Narva, Estonia
70   Dmitri Rovda L 2016 Narva, Estonia
30   Daniil Seppenen L 2018 Narva, Estonia
1   Alexander Sustov L 2004 Narva, Estonia
Number Player Shoots Acquired Place of Birth
77   Maksim Anohhin L 2015 Narva, Estonia
9   Vladlen Antsevski L 2011 Narva, Estonia
5   Pjotr Malõsev - 2020 Narva, Estonia
22   Ivan Malovanenko L 2020 Narva, Estonia
14   Artjom Medvedev L 2017 Narva, Estonia
34   Deniss Mihhejenkov - 2020 Narva, Estonia
24   Dmitri Patrusev L 2013 Kohtla-Järve, Estonia
16   Jegor Petrov L 2019 Narva, Estonia
24   Aleksandr Smirnov L 2020 Narva, Estonia
41   Alexander Titov L 2012 Narva, Estonia
23   Juri Zubov L 2016 Narva, Estonia
Number Player Shoots Position Acquired Place of Birth
88   Andrei Aleksandrov L F 2013 Narva, Estonia
89   Alexander Bogdanov R F 2012 Narva, Estonia
94   Kirill Iljin L F 2012 Narva, Estonia
17   Nikita Kirillov L F 2018 Narva, Estonia
-   Pavel Kulakov L F 2011 Narva, Estonia
27   Nikita Minin L F 2013 Narva, Estonia
87   Jegor Nevzorov L C 2017 Narva, Estonia
11   Leonid Portnov L F 2012 Narva, Estonia
79   Alexander Rabotinski L RW 2004 Narva, Estonia
13   Alexander Saprykin R F 2013 Narva, Estonia
-   Georgi Vassiljev L F 2011 Narva, Estonia
21   Max Välja L C 2020 Narva, Estonia


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