A naraloop is a video clip, usually less than 10 seconds, that tells a story or a living moment by repeating it endlessly in a loop.

Naraloops are commonly produced by shooting a series of pictures or video making, and, using video editing software, to compose the pictures or the video frames into an loop of sequential frames, in such a manner that story is repeated endlessly. They are usually encoded in 3 versions of a video WebM, m4v and Ogv, in order to be supported by several browsers and mobile devices.


Photographer Thierry Van Biesen had been experimenting with the animated GIFs for years. Not satisfied with the quality, and looking to perfect it, he made videos to tell story in a seamless loop. Each iteration was cut by a black frame lasting anywhere up to one second until he associated with Giovanni Luca d'Angelo, a bright developer, that found a way around that problem and made possible the naraloops, where video loops seamlessly, very much like GIFs do, only with the higher quality of HD videos.

"Naraloops" were born in April 2012 from a common project, to provide creative movies loops that tell very short stories.

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