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The Nara (Nera) or Barea (Barya) language is spoken by the Nara people in an area just to the north of Barentu in the Gash-Barka Region of western Eritrea.[3] The language is often confused with Kunama, which is at best only distantly related.

Native toEritrea
Native speakers
81,000 (2006)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3nrb

The endangerment status of Nara is unclear. According to Glottolog it is not endangered, but according to Tsige Hailemichael, the "...Nara language is in danger of quickly disappearing."[4]

Nara has traditionally been classified as Nilo-Saharan but a recent review considers the evidence unpersuasive and classifies Nara as an isolate.[5]


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