Nancy Collisson

Nancy Collisson & Mr. Buffy reading Mr. Buffy Moves to Dubai, An A-to-Z Coloring Book

Nancy Collisson (born as Nancy Wdowicki, May 6, 1959) is the U.S. author of the Mr. Buffy children's book series, popular throughout the United Arab Emirates. The series features an 'expat cat' that is C-A-T: Curious, Affable, and Tactful—the characteristics Collisson believes everyone needs to have in order to get along well with others throughout the world.

A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Collisson is of Polish heritage. She holds a B.A. in English and secondary education from Marquette University (1981) and an East Asian Languages & Cultures from the University of Kansas (1996). Her thesis, An Examination of the Influence of Japanese Culture and the Failures of Economic Reforms Proposed by Supreme Command Allied Powers (SCAP) Economic Missions (1947 to 1949) on High Rates of Personal Savings in Japan, is relevant to the Japanese post-war economic miracle.

Collisson has taught English and Japanese language at high schools throughout the U.S. and at international schools in Indonesia and Japan. She has also taught Japanese at William Jewell College. She served as news editor of the Spooner Advocate in northwestern Wisconsin.

Collisson has written a novel, Mandarin Patisserie that features a dark plotline set in Dubai. She has also written a collection of short fiction, Expiration Date & Other Stories.

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