Nan'an District

Nan'an District[1] (Chinese: 南岸区; pinyin: Nán'àn Qū; Jyutping: naam4ngon6 keoi1; lit.: 'the southern bank of Yangtze River'), is one of the six central districts of Chongqing municipality, China. It covers an area of 265 square kilometers, with 44 square km covered with forests and woods. It has an estimated population of 600,000 as of the year 2006.[citation needed]


Nanping CBD pedestrian mall in Nan'an.
Nanping CBD pedestrian mall in Nan'an.
Nan'an District in Chongqing
Nan'an District in Chongqing
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)


The Yangtze River curves around the north and west border of Nan'an district for about 45 kilometers. The river separates Nan'an from its neighbouring districts such as Jiulongpo, Yuzhong, Jiangbei, and Yubei. The bridges crossing the Yangtze River are the primary passage for transportations to and from the other side of the river. Ferries are also available as a backup and they used to be the only connection to the central part of downtown Chongqing before the first bridge was built in the early 1980s.[citation needed] Nan'an shares the border on the south and east land area with Banan.


Night view of Nan'an.

Nan'an district is one important part of the historical city Chongqing. It was first established in 1929 as an administrative region when the city underwent expansions. At that time, it covers the current Nan Ping (southern plain), Hai Tang Qi (Azalea Creek), Long Men Hao (Grand Water of Dragon Gate), and Dan Zi Shi (Pebble Stone). With series changes to its covering area and naming from the year 1929 through 1950, Nan'an got its current name in October 1955.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin Population (2010)[2] Area (km2)
Tongyuanju Subdistrict 铜元局街道 Tóngyuánjú Jiēdào 49,972 2.9
Huayuan Road Subdistrict 花园路街道 Huāyuánlù Jiēdào 98,320 4.4
Nanping Subdistrict 南坪街道 Nánpíng Jiēdào 113,193 3.6
Haitangxi Subdistrict 海棠溪街道 Hǎitángxī Jiēdào 110,310 4.1
Longmenhao Subdistrict 龙门浩街道 Lóngménhào Jiēdào 27,615 1.7
Danzishi Subdistrict 弹子石街道 Dànzǐshí Jiēdào 36,299 1
Nanshan Subdistrict 南山街道 Nánshān Jiēdào 56,888 33
Nanping town 南坪镇 Nánpíng Zhèn 97,081 16.7
Tushan town 涂山镇 Túshān Zhèn 53,146 7.1
Jiguanshi town 鸡冠石镇 Jīguānshí Zhèn 16,053 15.4
Xiakou town 峡口镇 Xiákǒu Zhèn 11,787 31.6
Changshengqiao town 长生桥镇 Chángshēngqiáo Zhèn 57,960 65.6
Yinglong town 迎龙镇 Yínglóng Zhèn 16,319 45.72
Guangyang town 广阳镇 Guǎngyáng Zhèn 14,627 37.1


Nan'an district is the home of five colleges and over ten national or provincial research institutes including Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing Technology and Business University, Chongqing Jiaotong University, Chongqing Education College, Chongqing Pharmaceutical Research Institute, etc.[citation needed]

Tourist attractionsEdit

Nan'an is best known for its abundance of natural and historical tourist attractions.[citation needed] In particular, the Nanshan (南山, Southern Mountain) is located here. The Ciyun temple (慈云寺), Tushan temple (涂山寺), and Laojun Cave (老君洞) were built in as early as the Tang Dynasty. Nan Wen Quan (Southern Hot Spring) is a hot spring for relaxation. There are also rowing boats. Yikeshu (一棵树; 'Single-Tree') sightseeing spot provides a panorama of Chongqing. There are also hiking trails. Foreigners' Street is an amusement park that includes the world's largest toilet, the Porcelain Palace.



Nan'an is currently served by one metro lines operated by Chongqing Rail Transit:


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