Namhae of Silla

Namhae of Silla (?–24, r. 4–24 CE) was the second King of Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. He is commonly called Namhae Chachaung, chachaung being an early Silla title.

King of Silla
SpouseLady Unje
DynastySilla Dynasty
MotherLady Aryeong
Namhae of Silla
남해 차차웅
南解 次次雄
Revised RomanizationNamhae Chachaung
McCune–ReischauerNamhae Ch'ach'aung

Namhae is the only king who is called Chachaung. According to the Samguk Sagi, Kim Dae-Mun explained that the title "Chachaung" meant a shaman in Old Korean.


He was the eldest son of Park Hyeokgeose, Silla's founder, and Lady Aryeong. His surname was Park, and his wife was Lady Unje (Hangul:운제 Hanja:雲帝).


His reign was characterized by a series of foreign invasions. In 4, the Lelang army surrounded Geumseong, the Sillan capital, but was repelled.[1]

In 8, when the Namhae of Silla heard that Talhae was benevolent, he married his eldest daughter to him.[2]

The Wa of Japan invaded Silla in 14, and while Silla stopped them, Lelang invaded again. A comet shower was said to have scared the Lelang soldiers, however, and they retreated. [note 1][3]

The Bukmyeong(北溟) people plowed the fields and got Royal Seal of Ye(Hangul:예왕지인, Hanja:濊王之印), previously used by Buyeo's kings, and dedicated it to Silla in 19. It is not clear where Bukmyeong means.[4]

He was buried in Sareung-won.



Consort and their respective issue:

  • Lady Unje (알영부인)
    • Son: Ilji Galmulwang (일지 갈문왕)
    • Son: Yuri of Silla (?–57, r. 24–57), formally known as Yuri Isageum was the third king of Silla
    • Son: Unknown name
    • Daughter: Queen Ahyo (아효부인 박씨)–became the wife of Talhae of Silla

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혁거세 거서간
남해 차차웅

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Namhae of Silla
 Died: 24
Regnal titles
Preceded by Ruler of Silla
Succeeded by


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